Super Bowl Cupcake Recipes and Ideas

Root for your favorite team with these game day sweets – from championship chocolate cupcakes to cupcakes in eggshells. Get the whole family in on the fun of baking for year 48 of the big game!

Super Bowl Cupcake Recipes and Ideas

It’s Super Bowl 48! OK, so the Detroit Lions have yet to make it to the big game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still cheer on the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks come Feb. 2. Add an array of sweets to your Super Bowl spread with these cupcake recipes. There are plenty of fun ideas to make with your kids before game time. You can make footballs to top the cupcakes with chocolate-covered almonds – just follow the directions on the championship chocolate cupcakes. Now who’s ready for some football?

Championship Chocolate Cupcakes

How cute are these championship chocolate cupcakes from Cakewalker? Start with chocolate cupcakes as the base. Then add green frosting, paint on the yard lines with white frosting – then top each with a football. For the footballs, use white frosting to make the threads on chocolate-covered almonds. Touchdown!


Super Bowl Cupcakes in Eggshells

Here’s the way to impress your guests – bake cupcake batter into empty eggshells. Then your family has to crack the eggshells to eat the cake. There’s more: dye the eggshells brown and make football threads using a crayon. It will take some time, but hey, the big game only comes once a year so why not make these Super Bowl cupcakes in eggshells from the Cupcake Project?

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Super Bowl Cupcakes Decorating Tutorial

Time for a field goal kick? Create your own hand-held version of the field goal posts with this recipe for Super Bowl cupcakes from Miss Makes. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make everything from the goal posts to the green grass (hint: it’s sprinkles!).



Chocolate Football Cupcakes

Add hefty swirls of thick, chocolate frosting on the top of each sweet to make chocolate football cupcakes from Thursday Night Baking. Warning: The decadent frosting in this recipe is whipped with plenty of butter. Make sure to have your kiddos around to lick the frosting bowl.


Seattle Seahawk Cupcakes – Carrot Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

Seahawks fan? Then make up a batch of these Seattle Seahawk cupcakes with carrot cake batter and orange cream cheese frosting from Charlene the Cupcake Queen. Mark some of the cupcakes for the 12th Man – that would be the legendary Seahawks fans known for cheering their team on … loudly!

Denver Broncos Orange Crush Cupcakes

If you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos, make a pan of Orange Crush cupcakes from Chasing Some Blue Sky. And real Broncos fans will appreciate the addition of Orange Crush in the batter – called Rocky Mountain champagne by some. Go orange and blue!


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