Gifts for Tweens and Middle Schoolers They’ll Actually Like

Make a big impression with cool gifts for that impossible-to-buy-for kid. We found these trendy presents for your teenager so you don't have to.

Gifts for Tweens and Middle School Kids Theyll Actually Like

Finally: Something you two can agree on. Quit arguing with your adolescent about what’s appropriate, assert your parenting savvy and show them a lot of love with these family-approved gifts with serious staying power. From guitar-inspired jewelry and a spot-on wall clock to a sweet skateboard stool, old-school camera and blinged-out plushy, some of these goods (covertly) teach your child about life – and others are just plain cool. Spec out our eight picks that are prime for older kids, young adults and any age in-between.

Guitar String Bracelets

Spike your tween’s interest in learning something new! With this guitar string bracelet, they can wear their passion on their sleeve – and show off their unique gift to all their friends. Explore the option of sending in a string from your own guitar and get your music-loving teenager’s initials imprinted for emphasis. They cost $14.95-$50, depending on customization.


“Upcycling” means breathing new life into an old item – creating something that’s often better than the original. Show your skater-kid you care with this upcycled, surprisingly comfy stool, great for playing guitar or video games. After all, recycling is trendy whatever your age. At $199.99, the deckstool is a little pricier than other items on our list, but you can expect this to be worth it. Keep in mind that skateboards are made to stand up to a lot more than being sat on!

Awkward Moment Card Game

What situation isn’t awkward when you’re a tween? Bodies and minds are changing and new experiences crop up every day. Help the young person in your life prepare for those times with the Awkward Moment Card Game, which runs $19 at Uncommon Goods.

Customized Sneaker Kit

Tired of hearing your teen complain about their boring shoes? You buy them a new pair to grow out of seemingly every week, and they still aren’t satisfied. Well, now they have the power to create their favorite designs on any footwear. The JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit gives them endless possibilities to impress their friends with the coolest kicks in school. Save big money in the long run by purchasing this kit for $45.

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Chill and Spill Journal

With gossip, first crushes and trends flying in and out like it’s migration season, emotions run high when middle school hits. Give your kid the power to control their feelings and vent in a healthy and productive way. This Chill & Spill Journal, promoted by the Committee for Children, provides a guided writing experience for teens to get everyday issues out of their heads. Give them the priceless gift of mastering their emotions for just $20.

Whatever Wall Clock

It’s their favorite word, so why not display it where it matters most? Your tween will never be a slave to time if she remembers to say “whatever” in the face of the forever-ticking clock that is life. Find the “whatever” wall clock at Uncommon Goods for $22.

Heart of Gold Plush

Does your teen torment others? Bully those less fortunate? We thought not – which is why this little guy made our list. Here is the perfect present for that rare and special teenager – the one with a kind heart (your kid, yes?). Show them how much you appreciate their niceness with this adorable plushy, available from I Heart Guts for $24.

Diana Camera

Teach your technologically attuned teenager to learn from the past: We call this one the Original Instagram. This classic debuted in the ’60s but fizzled out quickly due to newer versions and spinoffs – and didn’t get the respect it deserved. But what goes around comes around, right? The once-dying trend is now new again! At only $49 from Lomography, this classic beauty is a gift that won’t leave you worrying you spent too much – and might get your kid to discover the one-hour film developing counter.


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