Parents Give Babies ‘Danger’ as Middle Name – Literally

So far in 2013, an Australian couple and pair of British buskers bestowed this lofty moniker – more typically used as a joke – upon their sons. But what's in a name?

Well, it looks like international mystery man Austin Powers won’t be the only one with “Danger” as his middle name. Two families have decided that their babies’ middle names will, in fact, be “Danger,” as well.

And yes, you read that right: Danger is their middle name. Legally.

Australian parents Telita and Dean James have dubbed their first-born son Stephen Danger James. The James couple gave their son this oft-quipped middle name “just so he could say it’s his middle name,” Telita said to the NT News, a newspaper in Northern Territory in Australia. “It’s something different.”

The Jameses, however, aren’t the only ones who thought that “Danger” would make a good for-real middle name.

British street-performing (or “busking,” as it’s more commonly called across the pond) duo Sam and Felicity Wills’ first son can also boast – or someday deny – that his middle name is “Danger.” When the Willses were naming their son, however, they took his future occupation into full consideration.

“We thought Danger Wills was a good busker name. Basil Wills is a good accountant’s name and Rafferty Wills is a good name if he wants to become an actor luvvie,” Felicity said to

But how important are names for a child?

According to Indiana molecular geneticist Sheryl Wildt, baby names are extremely important.

“Studies have shown that names do set up certain expectations and can influence people who put a lot of weight on first impressions. And that elementary school teachers tend to grade students with unusual names more strictly than children with common names,” Wildt said in a article.

In the same article, however, writers Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz argue that with changing times, the outdated research on baby names simply doesn’t apply to modern generations.

” … in this era of diversity and individual style, when Madison is one of the 10 most popular names for girls and two of the hottest male stars are named Viggo and Orlando, the old findings no longer apply.”

As for the James family, they’re not fretting too much about the effect that their baby’s middle name will have on his life in the future.

“I was a little bit worried about calling him ‘Danger,’ kids might tease him,” Telita James said. “But Dean kept saying, ‘Who’s going to beat up the kid called Danger’?”


  • My son’s middle name is Danger as well! We just thought it was funny/the best pick up line when he is older. If he hates it he can go by the initial D later in life!

  • We decided on Danger as a first name for our son. If it had been a girl, she would have had the same name. We love it!

  • We also gave our son the middle name Danger – he was also born in 2013 in Sydney Australia. We love it and totally wouldn’t dream of changing it. definitely a good pick up line!

  • I gave my daughter Danger as a middle name. I get a half and half reactions – some think its amazing and others think we’re crazy. As for her future, in schools middle names are optional to disclose and she can decide whether to disclose her name or not when she is an adult. In the end, it makes me smile and giggle every time I think of it and don’t regret giving it to her for a second.

  • My good friends have a son, middle name is Danger, the daughters middle name is Steel!! I love them both!

  • I did that back in 2009… My son’s middle name is legally Danger…


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