10 Top Parenting Life Hacks to Save Your Sanity

Follow these life hacks for parents to help you save time and trouble as a parent.

Top Parenting Hacks to Save Your Sanity

When you’re a busy parent, you learn to appreciate each day’s small triumphs. It might be finally finding a sippy cup that doesn’t leak, getting your child to try a new food or finding a way to make the bedtime routine go a little more smoothly.

In honor of National Parents’ Day on July 23, Metro Parent wants to help you have more of these small “aha” moments. We compiled this list of 10 of the coolest parenting “life hacks” we could find – the sort of tips and tricks that just might make your day a little easier and slightly less stressful.

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1. Painter’s tape tricks

Spilled a whole box of cereal? Let your kids help this time by using blue painter’s tape to mark a box showing where they should sweep the mess. Toys overflowing into the dining room? Use the tape to outline a clear “toy zone.”

2. Glitter fairy

Is the Tooth Fairy running late? Keep a bottle of glitter or glitter spray in an out-of-reach drawer and use it whenever you need something to look a bit more magical, like tooth fairy money or gifts.

3. Monster spray

Don’t let monsters under the bed keep your little one (and subsequently mom and dad) awake. Make a “monster spray” using an old spray bottle to give your young kids peace of mind.

4. “Push me!”

“Just a few pushes” on the swing is never just a few, right? Tie a rope to the swing, take a seat and let everyone relax a bit.

5. No more drippy popsicles

Popsicles are great, especially during the summer, but they melt almost instantly (usually over your favorite outfit or rug). Use a cupcake liner or the lid of a coffee cup to catch the drips.

6. The right foot?

Follow this toddler tip for little ones who are prone to putting their shoes on the wrong feet. Just cut a sticker in half and place one side in each shoe.

7. Extra dishwasher uses

You might be surprised by what you can clean in the dishwasher, including kids’ shoes, toys, sports gear, brushes and more.

8. Use your noodle

Pool noodles can be used to help keep your kids from falling off their beds, to make your trampoline safer or to protect little ones from slamming their fingers in a door.

9. Trace your steps

Some kids hate standing still to have their feet measured, while others just don’t like waiting around while you shop for shoes. Trace your child’s feet at home instead so you can have them measured without the fuss.

10. Cut down on cups

Kids always seem to need a new cup for every serving of juice. Cut down on your daily cup usage by gluing magnets to a few cups and keeping one on the fridge throughout the day.

This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for 2017. 


  • Make one of your child’s favorite side dishes (e.g baked beans) and serve it for dinner several times during the week just changing the meat and vegetable to add variety.

  • Take your crafting items and put an assortment in a tote. When your kids are bored pull it out for them. Take it with you up north, camping, anywhere. Have a playdate? Pull it out them, too. Recently, my daughter ended up made a fairy house with craft sticks and all the other fun items I had in my tote on our vacation! Hours of enjoyment for the kids and you! Fill tote with things to paint (like frames or small planter pots), Paint, brushes, aprons, markers, paper, beads, glue, coloring books, scissors, stickers, pom poms, etc.

  • The Dollar store has many great parent “lifesavers.” My fav is the multi-pack of colored pencils that is one pencil and holds 5 or six colors which all click into each other. I keep one or two in my purse with a small pad of paper. Great for drawing, playing tic-tac-toe, the dot game and more! Also is a great bday party favor as the pack contains five or six of these pencils for $1. 🙂 My child is now a teenager and I still keep these in my purse and they are requested often.

  • Summer School Fun
    Looking for ways to decrease brain fog during the summer? Create fun “lesson” plans with your kids that include learning a new language, going on “field trips” and trying new foods. We can always disguise learning as fun when we become adventurous! One summer, I went to the library and checked out books on learning French, the Amish culture and for art we studied Frida Kahlo; there are so many cool kids books out there! We took trips to the museum, went to different parks to explore and I also encouraged my girls to keep a summer journal, it was nice to read their thoughts. 🙂 The possibilities are endless! Pick whatever subjects you and your kids like and go to the library for some “cool” learning.


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