Get to know the most common childhood illnesses – and how to zap ’em.

Inevitably, your kid will get sick. Are you aware of the top pediatric diseases and treatment? Metro Parent’s FREE guide lists the dirty dozen common sicknesses.

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Get this: Before your child’s second birthday, he or she will catch up to 10 colds. Bonus: You’ll likely experience many of them right alongside him or her. Cue the sniffles! And when it comes to children’s common illnesses, the common cold isn’t the only popular snot-nosed kid in Sick City.

Luckily, though, these bothersome bugs can be boiled down into a few tidy tissue piles. If you’re looking for just the facts – common childhood illnesses: signs and symptoms and treatments – that’s precisely what you’ll find Top 12 Kids Illnesses & Treatments, Metro Parent’s FREE guide to effectively identifying and nursing some of the peskiest offenders of the bunch.

Bad news first: There’s still no cure for that cold. Still, even for the reigning king of kids’ common sicknesses, there are some treatment rules. Do you know the score with antibiotics – or how old your kid should be before you reach for any of those OTC remedies? You’ll find out here.

And hey, are you sure that “cold” isn’t really respiratory syncytial virus, aka RSV, a common imposter? Knowing the difference is key particularly with infants. Plus get details on the flu, another cause for confusion on the children’s diseases list, which rears its highly contagious head between late December and early March.

So often, getting a grip on what’s making your child sick is tricky. While it’s of course no substitute for a proper doctor’s evaluation, Metro Parent’s FREE Top 12 Kids Illnesses & Treatments is a great starting point for pinpointing children’s common illnesses. Another great example? Strep throat in kids.

Is it strep throat? In kids, it can depend on age in part. The odds of it being strep throat in young kids are higher, but our guide gets you familiar with the symptoms. Also, in that same region, we add croup (cue the barking cough) and acute bronchitis (aka a chest cold) to our common childhood illnesses roundup.

And this advice isn’t the only “Rx” you’ll get. When you download this handbook, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. Stay on the edge of family medical topics – not to mention, find fun things to do in southeast Michigan this weekend (besides, getting out and about can boost your fitness, which is always a boon to everyone’s health!).

Childhood is rife with all sorts of new experiences, and, when it comes to common sicknesses, some can make the rounds quick. Take those itty-bitty six-legged parasites known as head lice. Gross, right? Get the 411 on these types children’s common illnesses (including, in this case, all the stuff you should definitely wash). And don’t worry: We’ve got an eye on that dreaded pink eye, too.

Other common childhood illnesses that made our cut include those excruciating ear infections that crop up in younger kids and have various treatment options. You’ll also get the straight scoop on runny poop. Diarrhea is no picnic either, and we pull no punches in getting to the, ahem, bottom of this messy – but ultimately healthy, believe it or not – situation.

All quips aside, while many common sicknesses are mostly short-lived rites of passage, others are cause for more concern. And Metro Parent’s FREE Top 12 Kids Illnesses & Treatments also tackles more serious pediatric diseases and treatment options, too.

Specifically, meningitis is a growing issue. There are two types. While one is typically mild and doesn’t even require treatment, the other can be deadly if it isn’t treated properly. Don’t take chances with this illness, which tops our children’s diseases list as one of the most dangerous.

We also touch on children’s common illnesses that have become “common” only in recent years. Hand, foot and mouth disease, anyone? While chickenpox has largely vanished thanks to vaccines, this contagious virus has seemingly risen to the occasion, causing painful red sores and causing a nuisance for a good week.

So what’s a parent to do? Snap up this guide to unlock those dirty dozen common childhood illnesses (signs and symptoms and treatments) – complete with plenty of additional tips and resources from respected medical sources.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Ultimately, in terms of treatment, many common sicknesses in kids simply need to run their course. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive. In fact, peppered throughout the Top 12 Kids Illnesses & Treatments, you’ll spot other little preventative and helpful tips and tricks, like:

  • Figuring out whether it’s a cold or a cough
  • Getting kids to wash their hands – a huge preventative factor
  • Avoiding illness all together (there are three key ways)

Of course, when in doubt when it comes to any children’s common illnesses, be sure to pick up the phone and call your pediatrician. When you do, the nice thing about having this guide as your ally? You’ll have a solid foundation – and know the questions to ask to get your child on the path to wellness again.

In good health,

Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: Info overload is rampant. When it comes to health web research, we’ve narrowed your search, tapping reputable sources like the American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Mayo Clinic. Get your bearings and move on – or click the related links to dig in deeper.

PPS: What’s “typical” for common childhood illnesses? Whether it’s strep throat in kids or diarrhea, the FREE Top 12 Kids Illnesses & Treatments also gives you a sense of how long each issue usually lasts. Regardless of if your child is healthy now or in the throes of a bug, get a gauge. Download your FREE guide today!


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