Hungering for a ‘picky eater diet’ solution? Well, feast your eyes.

When a kid is fussy with food, meals can be miserable. No more! From savvy tricks to simple meals for picky eaters, this FREE Metro Parent guide can help.

Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

Bleeeeck! No way. Eww. I’m not eating that. It’s gross. Yuck!

If any of this rings true, odds are high you’ve got a picky eater child on your hands. But if you stumbled on this page by typing or tapping phrases like “diets for picky eaters” or “how to stop being a picky eater,” you already knew that – and are all-too-familiar with the wails, moans and limited menu items that make up meals.

Reality is, all kids can have some “pickiness” over food, for helpings of reasons. But that definitely doesn’t mean you’re resigned to short-order cook status. The answers are waiting for you in Metro Parent’s 14 Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating (Seriously!) – a FREE booklet assembled by one of the smartest foodie mom writers in the Midwest.

That would be Kristen J. Gough. With the help of metro Detroit experts, she peels back the layers of food aversion, beginning with her own tale of getting her three daughters to develop a taste (or at least tolerance) for “kid kryptonite”: asparagus.

Speaking of Superman – did you know some kids are “super tasters?” Our guide to improve that picky eater diet begins with an important appetizer: A look at why kids are finicky. Trust us, they’re not just being difficult. Find out on page 2.

We then jump immediately to the main course. Metro Parent’s 14 Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating (Seriously!) guide serves up 14 “small plates” of advice that are big on substance.

For example, when trying to expand picky eater meals, find out the perfect thing to pair up with that new dish to soften the shock (hint: your kid gives you clues). We’ve also got some cool concepts to amp up the fun factor – because c’mon, you know your kid can’t be enjoying that “clean plate” approach either!

And there’s also a special free “dessert” for you. When you download this great guide, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. Whether it’s healthy meals for picky eaters and nutritional tips or just fun things to do in southeast Michigan this weekend, it’s all yours.

If you’re on a quest for simple meals for picky eaters, we’ve got a great one. Gough serves up her spot-on “Vegetables Kids Love” recipe. How the heck does she do it? It’s all in the way they’re prepared. It makes veggies sweet – without any sugar!

You’ll also learn how to kick that picky eater diet up another notch with a fun sampling game that just might get kids excited to try out different spices. And, when it comes to healthy meals for picky eaters that are not only delicious but packed with fun options, check out tip No. 5 for a decidedly Mexican twist.

Be prepared to shake up your perspective, too. Metro Parent’s FREE 14 Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating (Seriously!) also unveils the kid perceptive. You won’t find “sneaky” ways to “trick” your kids into broadening their palettes. Instead, every tip (and bonus box) is sensitive to their sensitivities.

How about actually getting your picky eater child involved in choosing and making a recipe? For even more hands-on action, check out tip No. 11 for a “sous chef” approach – or flip over to tip 6, where you’ll discover a simple rating system that lets kids take charge (and gives you valuable insight, too).

Even outside influences can give a boost. Tap into some positive “peer pressure” when it comes to kids eating at a friend’s house. And, in tip 4, find out how to harness the “power” of restaurants (rather than view them as a battleground!).

After all, for kids, “how to stop being a picky eater” isn’t really the question. Usually, they’re strongly attuned and trying to adapt to new tastes and textures. And we hope that’ll be your biggest takeaway from 14 Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating (Seriously!). This “food fight” is truly “won” in small ways – as a team.

So if you’re at your wit’s end and ready to “fix” that picky eater diet of your child’s collaboratively, once and for all, take a deep breath, open wide – and download this PDF of advice sure to get that “fork airplane” flying in the right direction!

Happy eating,

Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: Remember, the goal isn’t just to make mealtimes easier or expand tastes. It’s also ensuring your child develops a well-rounded diet. Sinking your teeth into 14 Foolproof Tips to Improve Picky Eating (Seriously!) can help you set the stage for lifelong healthy habits for your child.

PSS: We’re picky too! We only choose tried-and-true experts and insights. This guide features local southeast Michigan food pros who know the ins and outs. Find out what they recommend and get the upper edge. Download the guide now!



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