Safety rules at home for children are crucial. Are yours up to snuff?

It starts with knowing the top hidden dangers right in your own house. Get your home safety checklist in shape with advice in Metro Parent’s FREE guide.

Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

As parents, we’re always trying to think two steps ahead. But kids truly do get into everything, unearthing dangers we’d never dream of. Yet we can’t create a bubble around kids – and even if we could buy every possible home safety device, that still wouldn’t guarantee a nick-, bump-and-bruise- and injury-free childhood.

What we can do, though, is focus on the biggest home safety offenders and double down to keep our munchkins safe and sound. If you’re wondering, “OK, then: What might a safety hazard include?” – well, you’ve come to the right place. Namely, Metro Parent’s FREE booklet: Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids.

When it comes to home safety for kids, the small stuff definitely counts. After all, as our expert Beaumont Health System source tells us, “Children are little Houdinis.” And in their bag of tricks – especially when it comes to toddlers – is an uncanny knack for finding enticing objects, grabbing them and popping them right in their mouths.

Take tempting dangling cords. Whether electrical or attached to window blinds, these items are notorious for causing injury. What happens if that cord is attached to, say, a lamp? Avoid tragedy with the proactive simple solutions in tip 6.

Another sneaky thing that tops our safety rules at home for kids? Button batteries. These tiny inventions, while amazing at powering our remote controls and devices, can be devastating if swallowed. Discover the “hidden” key to avoiding tragedy.

Speaking of “invisible” home safety hazards: There’s more to see in Metro Parent’s Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids guide. You’ve heard the horrific reports of families who’ve fallen victim to carbon monoxide poisoning, right? It’s colorless and odorless. How could they know? As you’ll discover in tip 5, one simple purchase and a bit of maintenance could save your family’s life – literally.

Looking for even more home safety tips? You’re in luck. Once you download this handbook, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. From the serious subjects like health and protecting your kids to food and fun things to do in southeast Michigan this weekend, get looped in.

In setting your safety rules at home for children, our guide’s also got you covered with generations-old home safety hazards like home cleaning products, hot kitchen stoves and harrowing staircases. And rightfully so – after all, did you know falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries in all kids ages 0-19?

Along those lines, we clue you into a couple larger-scale issues. When you consider “what might a safety hazard include,” be sure not to gloss over your slim flat-screen TV (which happens to be pretty top heavy) or heavy tall furniture (bookcases, after all, can seem like jungle gyms to toddlers). Flip to tips 1 and 10 for insight.

Beyond our bread-and-butter main list, we slip in some extras. Metro Parent’s FREE Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids also reveals three other hot-button home safety for kids issues. After all, hazards don’t stop in your home – or in a specific room. Newer-to-the-the-market products throw curve balls, too.

In those bonus tips, you’ll discover:

  • How to handle home safety issues when visiting friends or relatives
  • The six most-common menaces that might be lurking in your purse
  • Highly concentrated products, including dishwasher and laundry packets, that can cause problems – sometimes if kids just touch them.

In four pages packed with powerful information, you’re sure to tap into valuable advice. And you’re guaranteed to learn something new in the process. How much stock should you put in your fireplace screen? What should go in your child’s crib? Find out the answer to these questions and plenty more in this indispensable guide.

There’s enough to worry about as parents. Your home – a place where kids should always feel safe and secure – shouldn’t be high on that list. With the basics of Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids firmly under your belt, you’ll be well on your way for crafting up top-notch safety rules at home for kids.

After all, when it comes to protecting children, you’ve got a strong ally with Metro Parent. Home safety for kids isn’t rocket science, but it’s absolutely critical in keeping injury and tragedy at bay. So you can focus on what really matters: Quality time with your family.

Safely Yours,

Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: There’s so much to think about when it comes to safety rules at home for children. But as a parent, ultimately, your instincts are worth their weight in gold. What’s the number one tip when it comes to home safety for kids? Flip to page 5 for the answer. It’s commonsense yet totally worth turning into a mantra.

PSS: Children are hard-wired for curiosity. Let them do their job with less stress on you. The Top 10 Household Safety Risks for Kids guide gives you the boiled down tools you need to improve your home safety smarts. Grab your guide now!


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