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Clobber the crud and cobwebs. Tidy up the playroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement and more with our cleaning house checklist bonanza. It’s totally FREE!

Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

When seasons change, we see our house in a different light. One that illuminates scuffed walls, scattered toys – and, of course, scurrying dust bunnies. Whether it’s spring fever or just “high time,” one thing’s sure: Washing up your home’s many rooms is a giant task. You need a plan. A housekeeping checklist would be nice.

That’s just what you’ll find in Metro Parent’s FREE House Cleaning Checklist by Room guide. Eight of them, to be precise. Kitchen cleaning checklist: Yep. Bathroom cleaning checklist: Heck yeah. Bedroom cleaning checklist, office cleaning checklist and living room cleaning checklist? Check, check and check. If you’re grappling with how to keep a clean home, consider this house cleaning checklist PDF your personal assistant – with help from pros like Merry Maids, the brand behind Brillo pad and more.

We ease you into the process with a pretty low-drama area. If you’ve got a formal space for entertaining, there’s usually just one lingering guest. You guessed it. Dust! Our living room cleaning checklist covers the bases, from baseboards to light fixtures. Don’t forget those sneaky vents, windows and ceiling corners.

Holding the feather duster here is a curriculum manager with the Merry Maids cleaning service. This expert knows loads about how to keep a clean home – including the dreaded commode. Her bathroom cleaning checklist breaks it down nice and neat, including answers to questions like:

  • How do I get rid of soap scum?
  • What items should I throw out?
  • What’s the trick to cleaning shower track doors?

Speaking of scrubbing: Did you know the mighty Brillo pad hails from Walled Lake, Michigan? Scoop up one critical sponge tip from parent company, Armaly Brands, on page 4 of the House Cleaning Checklist by Room.

And, to the relief of parents whose feet have fallen victim to one stray Lego too many, there’s a special room cleaning checklist just for you. Neatnik Laura Wittmann, of the blog Organizing Junkie, dishes a simple three-pile system to conquer the kids’ playroom monsoon once and for all.

We then turn our microfiber cloth to a room that’s a kid’s ultimate haven – and where we spend most of our time, from small fries to grown ups. Give up? Never fear: The bedroom cleaning checklist covers you better than the comforter.

That bedding, by the way, is target number one, our Merry Maids source shares. In this house cleaning checklist PDF, discover the secrets to mastering that “huge chore,” including how to keep a mattress clean with hardly any effort – and the best way to get rid of any lint or icky stuff that isn’t welcome on your bed.

Get simple sage advice for those closets, too. Wondering when to toss old clothes? This clean house checklist contains a great rule of thumb for your wardrobe.

If you feel like you’re drowning in papers, quickly click to page 7. Neatly filed in her office cleaning checklist, the Organizing Junkie offers a breath of fresh air with a category-by-category approach (discover the 30-minute magic approach), alongside 14 other nooks and crannies that could probably use a little TLC.

And don’t you stew, Betty Crocker. We’ve got your all-important room in the mixing bowl, too. No matter if you love cooking or call the microwave your BFF, our kitchen cleaning checklist tackles one of the most important – and daunting – rooms in the house. Round up the troops (that’d be your kids) and get ready for:

  • Expired and unorganized food/drink products
  • Grease on appliances – and dust behind them
  • The sink, cabinets, fridge, windows, floor, glassware (say, while we’re on the subject: glass of wine right about now, anyone?)

But your home isn’t all you’ll clean up on. The House Cleaning Checklist by Room is FREE – and includes a FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine, filled more savvy home advice and everyday tips. Whether it’s great family southeast Michigan events or recipes to try in your spankin’ clean kitchen, it’s here for you.

Phew – we’re in the home stretch, promise! Take a short outdoor stroll (or, if yours is attached, even better) for a date with the garage. If you’re like us, we’ll bet it’s a catchall for all sorts of stuff – after all, everyone treks through it at some point. The Organizing Junkie gets you in “the zones” when it comes to bikes, toys, tools, yard gear and all those other extras that wind up strewn hither and yon.

And last but certainly not least, we descend downstairs. No room cleaning checklist is complete without the basement. Like its kindred garage, this spot collects a lot of clutter. Our Merry Maids source rises to the occasion with a three-pile system of her own to whittle down the heaps and restore order and sanity.

Really, whether you’re feeling ambitious or just antsy over a certain room, Metro Parent’s FREE House Cleaning Checklist by Room is a print-and-hang rock star. Stick up all eight sheets in their corresponding rooms and chip away now or later, slicing up those little to-do boxes with big satisfying checkmarks as you go.

Harness that motivation – or skip the excuses already. It’s time to part ways with the grime, gunk and gross old junk taking up space. Download our house cleaning checklist PDF right now!

PS: How often do you get distracted by some of the very stuff you’re trying to get in order? Keep your cleaning campaign on track with these targeted lists. Bonus: It’s a great tool to help train kids to take on complex tasks in small bites, too.

PSS: We picked the brains of some serious cleaning gurus. Their timesaving tips are peppered throughout this 11-page little juggernaut. It also pipes you into the “House & Home” section of our website, tidily packed with even more advice!




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