We want the best for our kids. But parenting mistakes are sneaky.

Ever fret over indulgent parenting? Want someone to explain how praise can have a positive and negative impact? Metro Parent’s FREE guide is here to help.

Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

You mean well. We know you do. This parenting gig isn’t easy! Parenting styles and critiques span a giant gamut. Breast or bottle, Tiger or coddle, helicopter or free range – with plenty of shades in between. There’s no definitive right or wrong. Yet there are some universal traps that trip us all. And boy, are they tricky buggers.

That’s why Metro Parent gave our FREE guide the title of 5 Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make. We dug in deep and rooted out five major goofs. As it turns out, they’re not so cut-and-dried. In fact, the top parenting mistakes are deceptively positive. Little wonder that these snafus run so rampant!

Could you be committing one (or more) of the five fundamental flaws? Find out – and take heart. You’re in good company. And our guide’s got plenty of solutions.

There’s an instinct – you know the one. It compels you to swoop down like a protective mama or papa hawk and do things for your kids. It’s a good urge. But it can go awry. And before long, it can leave you grappling with how to stop enabling behavior as your little (and not-so-little) ones turn to you for far too much.

Whether you label it enabling or indulgent parenting, either way, you may actually be robbing your children of some pretty important life skills. Discover exactly what that well-meaning “over-involvement” is doing to your kids, plus glean tips on:

  • How to effectively address everyday issues like forgotten homework
  • How to engage your kids to come up with their own solutions
  • What to do if your kids’ solutions don’t work and they (or you!) get frustrated

Spoiler: The solutions are strikingly simple. Granted, that doesn’t make them easy! But we deliberately designed 5 Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make to be quick, to-the-point and digestible. Something to grab and go back to over and over.

Another great example? Praise. It’s good, right? But what’s too much of a good thing? Our experts plainly explain how praise can have a positive and negative impact. There’s actually one core rule to keep in mind the next time you’re on the verge of exclaiming, “You look so beautiful!” or “You’re so smart!”

And you’ll score much more than fixes for so-called parenting mistakes. When you download this resource, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. From tots to teens and beyond, find events, advice, tips and other great resources to use on your parenting journey.

Speaking of parenting styles, how many have flirted with that line of “parent vs. friend”? We know the end game isn’t how to make kids like you. Yet it’s easy to get caught up that good feeling of being needed – or being that cool mom or dad. Get some words of wisdom and a quick role-model reality check to fix this one.

Then there’s an issue that really hits home: Time. Schedules are demanding and draining. It’s all too easy to lose track of smaller, fun moments that truly are crucial to your relationship with your child. What does quality time mean? As you’ll find out, it’s really not that complicated.

And we go beyond those five primary parenting mistakes, too. Metro Parent’s FREE 5 Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make guide also offers boiled-down advice on three hot-button issues sure to make all modern moms and dads groan.

Terrible twos, anyone? When a toddler is in the midst of a meltdown, resistance feels futile. But we got a WebMD medical editor (and mom of two) to share her sure-fire course corrections – alongside some advice on how to hold your kids accountable (you guessed it: another one of those core parenting mistakes).

And how about oversharing? If you’re guilty of spouting your child’s every milestone, moment and meal on social media, gain a handy trick (and healthy mindset) from a Beaumont Health System doc here in southeast Michigan.

Oh – and we’ll bet you’re wondering about that third and final “extra.” It’s waiting for you on the very last page. It’s a newsflash; one we hope you’ll take very much to heart. No matter what your parenting styles or parenting mistakes, guess what?

No parent’s perfect! That goes for you and double for any parent you see who’s having a home-run moment. A psychologist clinches 5 Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make with inspiring insight about your kids’ resiliency and your ability. When you download this PDF, unlocking these solutions is a couple clicks away.

All the best,

Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: Creating a solid foundation for your child isn’t rocket science. Ironically, that’s why it’s so hard! So much hinges on being mindful and adjusting your attitude and approach. Identifying and working at seemingly subtle things has huge impact. And 5 Mistakes Good Parents Commonly Make can help get those gears going.

PSS: Sometimes less is more. Wherever you’re at in your parenting journey, we guarantee one of these five parenting mistakes will pop up. Keep this sage, simple, FREE booklet tucked aside so it’s there when you need it. Download it now!



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