Pregnancy isn’t always pretty.
Actually, in some ways, it’s just plain gross.

When your OB dished on what to know about having a baby, well, let’s just say he or she might have left a few things out. Get the dirty details in this FREE guide.

Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

You’re pregnant! And you’ve likely already adjusted to a few new “normals.” There’s the prenatal vitamins and doctor visits, duh. And, of course, the morning sickness, bloating, muscle pains and slow growing, achy boobs of yours. Not to mention cravings – and that constant urge to pee. All pretty standard stuff, right?

But then, there are the low-down dirty (sometimes literally) truths that, perhaps, no one thought to mention. Maybe your good friend who already had her first baby blocked it out. Or perhaps it’s so-par-for-the-course for your OB that he or she glossed right over it. Don’t you worry, though. Metro Parent didn’t forget.

And, in our FREE downloadable guide that we’ve dubbed, forthrightly, 6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You, we’re going to give it to you straight-up – considering all those lurking little questions, from “Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy?” to “Do women poop when they give birth?”

Get ready. It’s about to get messy.

Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful things. But there’s no shame – or lying – in saying it’s also downright “disgusting” at times. That’s the exact word choice of our professional writer, Wensdy Von Buskirk, the veteran mom who largely compiled this list of top offending issues.

So when it comes to what you need to know before having a baby, we dive right into some classic “sick while pregnant” type scenarios.

That innocent sounding “morning sickness” we mentioned earlier kicks off the list. It can be far from quaint, though. In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How long it can last during a single day
  • When it tends to stop during your pregnancy
  • What to prepare for when it comes to food
  • A link to extra resources about extreme nausea during pregnancy, which, although very rare, can affect some women

Oh, and there’s no guarantee you’ll throw up, either – even if you desperately feel the need to. Which ushers in another fun fact in Metro Parent’s FREE 6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You guide: flatulence. Yep: Gas is a big ol’ smelly thing. Find out what hormones, fertility treatments and eating habits have got to do with it (and, mercifully, even a few tips to ease the rips).

Want to score an extra little “bundle” with your no-charge freebie? You’re in luck.

When you download this booklet, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. Babies start growing up right away, and these resources are packed with advice for every age and stage – along with fun things to do in southeast Michigan this weekend (you’ll especially want to keep up on our “Baby and Toddler” events roundup, which spotlights great activities around town).

We also tapped into another nasty little thing about pregnancy that has women’s fingers tapping away on their phones’ internet browsers. So. Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy?

You bet your sweet panty liners it is, and the sheer amount of discharge or leaking during pregnancy can catch many mamas off guard.

Also, sorry to break it to you, but the spigot doesn’t magically turn off after your darling bun has emerged from the proverbial oven. Get mentally prepared now for “lochia” – a flow that’s basically akin to a persistent period. Want to know what colors it turns and how long it lasts?

You know what to do: Download Metro Parent’s 6 Gross Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You for all those crucial insights, right now.

Sniff, sniff. Anybody else smell that? Let’s get to the bottom of another very real, very unsavory situation: In a word, poop. Back to that question: Do women poop when they give birth? Gentle readers, we trust you have a clue. But we promise it’s not as horrifying as it seems. You’ll find out why in this booklet.

And where you leave off, baby picks up the baton. We finally delve into the nitty-gritty of the diaper scene. Get prepared to use adjectives like “mustard yellow,” “seedy” and “pasty.” Just remember, though, that it’s all signs of good health!

So don’t be scared. But be prepared. And get ready to grimace, giggle – and ultimately get in gear for the most disgustingly fun ride of your life.

Grossly yours,

Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: Stretch marks, anyone? This guide also links you up to some fantastic insights about another often-unwelcome hallmark of pregnancy. Find out how to prevent them and what to do if they’ve already settled in.

PPS: So much goes into to bringing a life into the world. This unique guide gets into some of the lesser-discussed aspects of what you need to know before having a baby. We level with you, serving our trademark no-nonsense advice with a “been there” smirk. Get in on the secrets and fun with your FREE guide today!


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