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Education demands a lot of time and energy from kids – parents, too. Looking for a boost? The tips and pointers in our FREE guide are here to help you out.

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School is a huge part of kids’ lives. Each day brings new challenges to tackle. And it’s a pretty awesome thing when concepts click and those curious minds figure out how to solve an equation or spell a tough word. But there’s no doubt about it: All those academics can add up to some grade-A headaches to manage, too!

All right, class, show of hands: Who’s ever been caught in a homework battle with their kids? Or played a game of “where’s that important paper I need to sign”? Maybe you’ve had to deal with that teacher – or you’ve just got a kid who’s cemented to her bed weekday mornings, and no blaring alarm clock on earth can help.

No matter what issue is thwarting your young thinker, Metro Parent’s FREE School Success Guide for Kids is here to help you plot a path to resolve it. Consider it your ultimate study guide (dare we say cheat sheet?) for handling a host of common K-12 school-year stumbling blocks, from jumpstarting the year to finishing up on a strong note – and lots in between.

Rise and shine! We kick off with the very beginning: back to school. After a fun summer, school bells can be a bummer. The secret? You’ll find 11 waiting in School Success Guide for Kids. Discover how a “joke jar” or the perfect playlist can buoy their wake-up spirits. But before that even, they really do need a good night’s rest. Learn top tips to building a good sleep routine and handling “I’m not sleepy!” pleas. Wonder how many zzzs your kid really needs? That’s here, too.

But those aren’t the only hurdles out the gate. Maybe your kid is anxious about new teachers, worried about a subject or sad he’s leaving good friends behind. Don’t brush it off. Help kids conquer these concerns early with easy expert advice.

Great work in school starts with a great home environment. It’s a big part of how parents can help students be successful. That’s why Metro Parent’s FREE School Success Guide for Kids digs into these details first. Ever find yourself declaring you need to “get your life in order”? Not only does that help you; your kids benefit big-time too. We help break it down.

Getting it together really is critical. Learn how an Oakland County mom of three and professional organizer makes it happen. Find “homes” for stuff, clean up your calendar and score super “night before” pointers. And if you’re sick of the paper piles, learn how to tame them. Stop those frantic hunts for permission slips and report cards before they even start. And learn how to draw the line when it comes to those heaps of precious “first” projects and assignments your kid brings home.

We also deliver 20 little lessons on helping children get “smart.” Hint: Studying is different than learning! Pop quiz. What’s a kid’s No. 1 job in class? Why is reading comprehension key, and how can kids build it? What’s a good “homework environment” look like? And why should parents resist the urge to jump in and solve that nagging problem that’s dogging their kid?

Helping children thrive is a series of small, consistent tasks. Part of that, for us parents, is definitely knowing when to steer and when to step back, right? Discover what to praise (and what not to say), expectations (how long should kids work on homework, anyway?), why playtime matters – and much more.

Whatever educational obstacles you’re facing, consider this booklet merely the introductory course. Because when you download this guide, you can also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine. Get yourself schooled all year long with tips and advice both inside the classroom and out. Our calendar is packed with adventures to augment what kids are learning – or just let them unwind after a studying marathon (don’t forget: playtime does help with learning!).

For more advanced subject material, the School Success Guide for Kids also serves up a strong syllabus. Let’s not mince words. You, beleaguered moms and dads, have homework headaches. And we, rest assured, have solutions – like studying tips to help. Eight, to be precise.

When studying squabbles have steam pouring out of your ears, stem the riptide with a variety of strategies. Before you both have a breakdown, break it down – the assignment, that is. Or give your kid a crack at being teacher. Got a competitive student? There’s an approach for that. Find out how to use rewards like an ace. And, above all, know when to quit. Because, heck yes, it can hit that point.

We all want to help our kids. But everyone’s got a wall. And especially as kids get older and delve into more complex studies, it might simply be out of your league. So. Does your kid need a tutor? What kind? And where can you find one? Not only will you get a four-step process to figure out the answers, but we also hook you up with our online guide to trusted tutoring services in southeast Michigan. Whether it’s a math meltdown, English enigma or anything in between, these experts are ready to help.

Every child is different. Same goes for grown-ups. Cue the teachers! They spend a ton of time with your kids and are key to their education – but your minutes with them are far more limited. That’s where Metro Parent’s FREE School Success Guide for Kids fills an important gap, offering parent-teacher tips galore.

One of those high-pressure interactions is the parent-teacher conference. It can be enough to spark a bit of “back-to-school” anxiety of your own. Deep breaths. And flip to page 11 for nine nuggets to help you prep for a constructive convo – plus glean important insights from one of the people that knows your kid best.

Conversely, some years, teachers might seem to be the challenge for your child. In these cases, scroll to our 16-point “conflict checklist.” Guess where “involve the administration” falls? Dead last. That means there are oodles of other methods to try, first. Keep those emotions in check, add a dash of charm and give it an honest effort. It really is an important relationship (at least for a solid nine months!). We show you how to truly give it the ol’ college try, so to say.

It’s natural to get swept up by the daily school year whirlwind. Consider Metro Parent’s FREE School Success Guide for Kids a calming breath of fresh air – and a great way to get grounded. From studying tips to tutors to conferences, our advice shows how parents can help students be successful in a digestible and doable manner. In a way, it’s like your own personal PDF professor, nudging you toward a slightly different way of thinking about things.

One excellent example is a roundup we call “student boosts.” Here, two veteran teachers take on three common challenges. First, what to do if your quiet child is grappling with class participation? Second, how do you get a child motivated when she’s fallen into an “I give up” slump? And thirdly, on the other end of spectrum: What if your child’s perfectionism is paralyzing him or her?

Some situations require more of a nuanced approach. And this guide gives you the tools, and even language, you need to help your children through difficult patches – and build crucial resilience that will serve them for years to come.

Finally, how about the homestretch? Once kids dip into that delicious final countdown (we’re talking about you, May!), it can be harder to focus. The strong pull of summer can butt heads with intense final exams, projects and, sometimes, the need to recoup credit to earn a passing grade. And we’ve got your three-step solution waiting for you.

PS: It doesn’t matter if you stumbled on this in September or April – or any time of year, school or summer – or if you’ve got a kindergartner or a high schooler. Metro Parent’s FREE School Success Guide for Kids offers indispensible advice to help you and your student wherever you’re at, on a variety of topics. Don’t let small problems go unchecked and turn into bigger ones with this guide as your ally.

PSS: Your actions and words can have a big impact on your kids and their success in school! And that’s one of the hidden gems of this guide: It’s sprinkled with great things you can say to your child to encourage a growth mindset – and not just fixate on that A+ or gold star. You can make a huge difference. Whether your child needs a bump is already rocking the grade, this booklet offers an extra edge.

Note: This Freebie is fresh as of September 2016. We’ll be updating it every year or as details change.


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