Raising a smart child is hard. But it’s about to get a bit easier.

There’s no official manual on how to raise smart children. With this FREE guide from Metro Parent, though, you’ll get darn close with 18 top-of-the-class tips.

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Just seeing the word “education” can trigger a bit of anxiety in many parents. Whether it’s pondering how to raise smart babies, picking the just-right preschool or, for older kids, figuring out how to become smarter in school, there’s plenty to worry about at every age and stage. Are you doing enough? Too much?

We all know every child and family is unique. However, even so, there are some universal tactics and tricks that can help in raising smart children at any point – from tykes to teens. And you’ll find that sort of pointed, proven advice in the pages of Metro Parent’s FREE PDF guide: 18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence.

For expertise, we turn to Dr. Julie Wargo Aikins – a Detroit child development pro who knows all about how to raise smart children. We start all the way at the very beginning – with how to raise smart babies. Kick aside hyped-up “Einstein” products. Aikins’ solutions focus on reading, chatting and the only types of toys you really need.

Keep right on nurturing those smart kids when they’re toddlers. After all, that intelligence begins developing long before school starts! Discover why your public library’s story hours are worth the trip. You’ll also find fascinating reasons to chill out the next time your child gets sloppy with mud pies or bathtub bubbles.

And while genius can surely be messy stuff, Metro Parent’s 18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence offers a few handy cheat sheets, too. Flip to page 3 to “bookmark” 10 terrific books for babies, for instance – and then click to 4 for a batch of awesome sing-along songs to bust out for tots that makes raising smart children feel like child’s play. Quite literally.

Got a preschooler? Welcome to their world. When it comes to how to raise an intelligent child at this age, getting on their level and nurturing some creativity and play is what it’s all about. Plus, discover how everyday moments can turn into some of the greatest learning experiences of all.

Of course, there are far more than 18 ways to raise smart kids. And that’s all at your fingertips, too. When you download this savvy booklet, you’ll also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent’s enewsletters and digital magazine. From school and child development to good times and fun things to do in southeast Michigan this weekend, it’s all in store for you.

Which brings us to the full-on school years. A lot happens between grades 1 and 12. The question of how to become smarter in school is definitely a nuanced one, and the answers are as unique as the child doing the learning. But here again – there are some simple truths when it comes to nurturing smart kids.

Elementary school is prime time for laying a strong foundation. Considering music lessons for your kids? Do it now! See what studies say tunes can do for rapidly developing young minds – plus two other tips (including how to turn your kitchen into a learning lab) waiting on page 6.

Importantly, our list doesn’t stop with the early years, which tend to get intense focus. In fact, Metro Parent’s FREE 18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence also dives into the middle and high school years. After all, those tween and teen years can be tough enough – let alone worrying about the raising smart children. But, as pressures and expectations ramp up, it’s imperative.

And, wherever your child’s at, it’s never too late – and you’re a big part of the adolescent “smart kids” equation! Among our six critical tips, learn:

  • The case for starting up game night with your middle schooler
  • How tapping into extracurriculars can be a golden opportunity
  • What doodling or wielding a paintbrush has to do with raising a smart child
  • Two high school keys to success happen late at night – and in early morning
  • The two tests where it’s critical for kids do some “practice runs”
  • Savvy ways to stretch kids’ wings and smarts (see step 16)

Think of this guide as a new way of thinking about intellect and kids. There are so many great little building blocks at your fingertips. On their own, none are super complex. But when you start stacking them into different patterns, you’re well on your way to unlocking the secrets to how to raise smart children.

From reading, writing and ’rithmetic to stuff like STEM, grit and experiential learning, there’s a lot that goes into this idea of raising a smart child. But after you set aside the educational buzzwords and rote formulas – and dig into 18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence – you’ll see learning is downright fun.

And that’s really the key to brainy kiddos. So let’s stop “over-science-ing” this whole business of how to raise smart children. After all, most of the answers are right in front of you. With this handy guide and a pinch of mindful parenting, you’ll be on your way to raising smart children – in the most natural way possible.


Metro Parent for Southeast Michigan

PS: One other word on tweens and teens. You know that “How was your day?” query – and how getting more than “fine” can feel like an interrogation? Replace it with the three-step advice waiting on page 8. After all, open communication with your kids is healthy and an important element in raising a smart child.

PSS: Creativity is a key component for truly smart kids. Discover artistic endeavors, fantastic art supplies and much more in 18 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Intelligence. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be. So get cracking – and download your guide right now!


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