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Dear Southeast Michigan Parent,

Pop quiz. Do you know what comes after the first signs of spring – and before the final ringing of school bells before summer vacation? Time to pick a camp for your kid!

That’s right. When the weather is still cold, the opportunity is hot to start searching for summer programs for kids in Michigan, family summer camps in Michigan and lots more. Whether it’s day camp or overnight camp, there are tons of fun-packed options. That’s great. But it’s also overwhelming! And Metro Parent’s FREE guide is a huge help in selecting a perfect match.

Our Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan starts by making the case for camp. After all, it’s commitment. It takes planning, scheduling and driving – not to mention money! So we asked 10 camp pros and parents and found out why camp tops their list of fun stuff to do in the summer for kids (we’re definitely convinced).

Next, the big question mark: “What camp is best for my child?” That’s where Metro Parent’s Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan is a viking, answering a variety of issues about Michigan summer camps parents grapple with. A taste:

  • What are the main types of camps for kids? (Learn the three main terms)
  • How can I find the right fit for my kid? (Got a really active kid – or maybe a robotics ace? There’s a camp for just about any interest and personality type)
  • Is my kid ready for overnight camp? (Do you know the magic age?)
  • What should I consider when figuring out a budget for camp? (Hints: don’t forget about before- and after-care – and look into scholarships!)
  • How can I evaluate a camp? (Our five tips break it down)
  • When are the best times to enroll? (Don’t panic; you have a few options!)

One super helpful tool you’re going to want to print out: Our 17-step “Choose a Camp” checklist. It boils down all those key questions when it comes to summer programs for kids in Michigan – and lots more. Because, let’s be real: You want to give your kid an amazing opportunity that’s also safe, reputable and run by trustworthy pros. The FREE Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan has all you need to get the best info – and put your mind at ease.

And, when it comes to kids summer camps in Michigan, this is just the beginning. When you download your guide, you can also get a FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine. That gives you access to additional camp tips and ideas – not to mention plenty of ideas for what to do in summer for kids.

Incidentally, if your kid has mastered those little-league summer day camps in Michigan and is ready the big overnight plunge: Have you scheduled a camp visit? These are eye-opening for both parents and kids, helping give everyone a real-life sense of what’s in store and helping you feel comfortable with your choice. While you’re there, though, do you know what questions to ask the camp? You will – with Metro Parent’s FREE Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan.

So. Once you’ve narrowed down that perfect camp for your kid, vetted it and figured out the logistics, what’s next? The topic of how to get ready for summer camp, of course. Take it from a mom who’s been in the trenches: Procrastination is not your friend! Learn some of her trips and tips when it comes to labeling all that gear, what to bring and what to leave at home – even how to handle care packages (what if your kid’s bunkmate is allergic to that candy bar you’ve sent with TLC?).

Tempted to do all that packing yourself? Resist! Our guide gives you the nitty-gritty on beefing-up your kid’s personal responsibility chops (a key skill that camp helps with, right?) – all while keeping your own helicopter tendencies in check.

Really, no matter if your kid is camp-bound or just pitching a tent under the stars in the yard, camp activities are a summertime staple. And our Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan offers fun stuff to do in the summer for kids.

When it comes to campfire recipes, you can’t do much better than s’mores. Unless, that is, you’re talking about pretzel s’mores! These super simple, quick and easy snacks calls for four simple ingredients and a microwave. Voila: Instant campfire classic, sans campfire – which means even rain can’t wash out your family fun.

Don’t fret, though. We’ve got campfires covered too. Some summer programs for kids in Michigan may teach this old-school skill. Or maybe you’ve got some state of Michigan camping reservations and want to brush up on your kindling and tinder know-how? This advice from some local camp experts is sure to spark your interest – and make sure everyone stays safe around that open flame.

Is your kids’ camping gear in gear? Walking boots, a compass and plenty of socks and undies – depending on the camp, there’s lots of stuff to tote along. And, as our FREE guide also shows, a little DIY item or two can also come in handy – and be another clever tactic in how to get ready for summer camp. Craft up a simple sit-upon for an instant, easy-to-transport seat great for the outdoors. Or, if you’re really roughing it, make a dish bag perfect for letting fresh-washed utensils air-dry

But what about the camp emotion every parent dreads? That tear-soaked phone call, text or email where your sweet little camper cries, “I wanna come home!”

It’s enough to prompt even the most steely-resolved parent to hop in the car and swoop to the rescue. But, as you’ll learn in Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan, when it comes to how to help a homesick child, it’s really important to fight that urge. We know, we know: Easier said than done. But with a little bit of prep in advance – and, yes, even managing your own anxieties – you can help your children nip homesickness in the bud. And build the kind of resiliency that will serve them well into adulthood.

Whether it’s a big overnight camp or a night out in your own backyard, get the kids in gear for an unforgettable summer vacation. You’ll have all those tools at your fingertips with the FREE Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan. Nab it in early March to get the best jump on finding an amazing camp for your kid.

Best of all, our guide is – you got it – totally FREE. And it comes with a FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine, packed with fresh content every month. From local events to the best of southeast Michigan for families to kid-friendly restaurants, Metro Parent is your trusted go-to resource for all this and a lot more.

So stop losing sleep over finding just-right kids summer camps in Michigan for your kids. Get them pumped up for a summer of learning and fun. It’s as easy as getting your FREE copy of Metro Parent’s Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan – and your FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine. This page makes it a breeze to sign up, and will having you singing “Kumbaya” in no time.

Metro Parent looks forward to helping your family hone-in on that perfect camp experience – and making it a summer you’ll never forget. From summer day camps in Michigan to those memorable sleep-away camp adventures: Your quest to figure it all out starts and ends here.

PS: Don’t delay a second longer. Download your FREE copy of Metro Parent’s Guide to Summer Camps in Michigan – and your FREE subscription to Metro Parent magazine – today.

PSS: Michigan summer camps are an amazing opportunity for kids. Whether they’re into theater or sports, crafts or canoes: There’s something for them. Figure out what’s great for your children (and more fun stuff to do in the summer for kids) with our guide. Get that summer experience started now!


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