Why I’d Never Spank My Kids

Farmington Hills mom Rebecca Kavanagh doesn't spank her kids because she thinks it teaches them that violence is a viable option.

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Would I spank the two people most precious to me – defenseless little ones whom I eagerly built from scratch? No. Never. Not ever.

My daughter and son are teens now, but even during their naughtiest phases, I didn't once consider spanking as a disciplinary option. Not when Jackson pulled his…

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  • Spanking your kids is necessary for their mental, emotional and spiritual growth. There is a difference between appropriate discipline and abuse. As a Christian, I MUST try my best to raise my children in a Godly manner; the Bible tells us that if we withhold discipline, we hate our child. If we discipline our children, it’s because we love them. The Bible also says that if we fail to spank our children, we spoil them. It’s all about how we do it; we must know when to spank and when there should be another form of punishment / discipline. We must also remember before or after spanking, to explain our reason, to reassure them that we love them and set bounderies.

  • Thanks, everyone, for reading and commenting. I do appreciate that there are two sides to this issue — that’s why it’s perfect for this point/counterpoint format. I would never imply that any parent hates their child, though, regardless of whether they agree with my discipline style. This is my original conclusion that was edited out during the publishing process. It summarizes my overall opinion:
    My own bottom line is that I want to raise happy, courteous, confident kids who recognize right from wrong — with lessons delivered by someone who knows right from wrong as well.


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