A Concerned Parent’s Guide to Gun Violence and Gun Safety

America has an epidemic of gun violence. Get gun facts and stats, gun safety tips and information on gun violence in schools with this guide.

Gun violence is an epidemic in America. Outdoor concerts, theaters, stores, churches, clubs and especially schools have become targets, and lawmakers aren’t really addressing the violence in a meaningful way, so we are all left to wait until the next shooting occurs.

And it will.

It’s a terrible thought, and many parents in southeast Michigan (and across the country) may feel helpless about what they can do to protect their children. There are ways that you can prepare yourself and your children for this reality while working to put an end to this distinctly American problem.

Enter our guide to gun violence and gun safety. Here, you will learn all about gun violence in America — that is the actual facts and stats without influence from outside groups — tips on how to keep your household firearm away from kids, how to support gun safety efforts in our area, local stories from those affected by gun violence and much more. 

It doesn’t matter which end of the political spectrum you identify with, we should all agree that kids being murdered in the classroom and dying from guns is a problem no one should tolerate and work together to end the gun violence epidemic in America. We hope this guide helps that mission.

Our kids’ lives depend on it. 

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What Parents Need to Know

There’s so much information floating around about gun violence in America. Some of it is based in fact, some of it is based on feelings and some of it is based on propaganda, so how is a parent supposed to decipher it all in order to stand up for their children?

Here, we break down some of the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and offer information surrounding guns in America, mental health data as it relates to guns and violence, and other details that parents should know. 

You’ll even get tips on talking to your kids about gun violence when it occurs, what your kids are learning to do, the warning signs a child could turn to violence and whether products like bullet-proof backpacks are actually worth it.

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School Safety Is Top Priority in Macomb County

Two Macomb experts explain how the county works to keep kids safe in schools and how students, staff and teachers can potentially stop violence before it happens.

What the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Means for Families

This is the most significant new federal gun safety legislation in almost three decades.

Active School Shootings: What You Should Know and Kids Should Do

Active school shootings are becoming an epidemic. Here, a local officer offers his advice for parents and kids.

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Voices and Local Stories

Gun violence has touched southeast Michigan in many different ways. Some families, like those in Oxford, have witnessed the horror of gun violence first-hand, others are outraged by the lack of action over the years and still others simply worry every time they let their kids leave the house. 

These stories from our community are important, so we’re giving them a space to be told.

Flip through this section of the guide to discover how local families are being impacted by gun violence, how local groups are stepping up to support victims and how southeast Michigan parents feel about it all.

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School is a Place for Learning. School is a Place for our Children to Feel Safe.

A local school board member opens up about school gun violence, how it affects him as a school official and what you can do to prevent it in your child's school.

American Fashion Brand Sparks Outrage with School Shooting Hoodies

The brand Bstroy unveiled a line of bullet hole-laden sweatshirts that feature the names of schools where shootings took place. People are peeved, as they should be.

Should Kids Play with Toy Guns? One Local Mom Says ‘No’

Should kids play with toy guns? A Farmington Hills mom of two explains that mass shootings and laissez faire attitudes make her say "no way."

Gun Safety Tips

Whether you love guns or hate them, the Second Amendment protects them and they aren’t going away. How can parents who don’t want their kids around guns — or those who have guns in their home — prevent accidents and keep firearms out of a potential shooter’s hands?

We spoke to the experts and compiled the below posts to provide you with the best gun safety tips. 

From what safety measures your child’s school has in place and how to keep your gun locked up to having a healthy discussion about gun safety and talking to kids about active shooter trauma, we have you covered.

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How to Prevent Firearm Accidents in the Home

For families who choose to keep a weapon for self-defense, taking time to properly secure the weapon is non-negotiable.

Gun Safety Movement Organizations to Get Involved

If you want to join the fight to help end gun violence, start with these organizations.

How to Talk to Your Kids About School Shootings: An Age-by-Age Guide

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