Julia Elliott

Let It Go!

I love a clean and organized home. When everything in my house is orderly, the toilets are cleaned, the beds are made and the baseboards...

A Popular Refrain

This month marks 10 years that I've been the editor of Metro Parent. 10 years! And this, dear reader, is my 119th editor's letter....

How to Make Birthday Cake Cones for Your Child’s Party

Looking for a party cake alternative? Parents will cheer for this cool, low-mess recipe that bakes up yummy cake into ice cream cones.

Old vs. New

Back in third grade, in Mrs. Winowski’s class at West Utica Elementary, I played a little game called Around the World. Contrary to how...

Home Sweet Home

When I was growing up, I was afraid of three things: sharks, clowns and being homeless. Sharks and clowns were pretty typical childhood phobia...

The Peril of Pink Bunny Suits

There is a condition that sweeps the world around this time of year. Some are masters at suppressing it. Others don't even try to...

Sinful French Silk Pie Recipe

Ditch the pumpkin pie this year and try this delicious recipe – right from the kitchen of Julia Elliott, Metro Parent's editor-in-chief.

Homemade Holiday

There is one word that is guaranteed to make my father's eyes light up: homemade. Put that word in front of any food you...

Has Halloween Changed?

Last May, I moved into a new home. Well, it was new to me. A 1960s brick colonial in Royal Oak. As soon as...

Tribute to a 'Good Guy'

When I was in junior high school, I had a classmate named Andy Sosnowski. He was a "long hair" who listened to Metallica and...

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

I was sitting out in my backyard with a friend the other day. We were chatting as we held ice-cold beverages in our hands...

Tough Topic, Tough Talk

When I took over as editor of Metro Parent almost 10 years ago, my esteemed predecessor, the Pulitzer-prize winning Sheryl James, gave me a...
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