Liz Edwards

Parents You Hate in the School Drop-Off Loop

From the rule-breakers to the self-declared traffic police, parents everywhere can relate to these school drop-off offenders.

Kids Find Bearded Men Unattractive (But We Love These 4)

In a recent study, kids declared bearded men unattractive – but strong. While kids might bristle at bristly guys, we moms are A-OK with our fair share.

Funeral Livestreaming is a Growing Trend for Families

Experts say it can be beneficial to grieving families and out-of-town loved ones. What exactly is funeral livestreaming, and would you ever consider it?

Why I Hate Playdates: Being an Overprotective Parent in a Playdate Society

When you don't trust anyone to be as protective as you are, these social 'musts' can be a nightmare. That's why this local mom says, 'I hate playdates.'

5 Surprises From My First Year of Homeschooling

A Michigan mom candidly shares takeaways from her first year of homeschooling – namely, what she didn't expect about this nontraditional form of education.
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