Lori Orlinsky

10 Fall Books for Kids to Celebrate the Season

Read children's books about pumpkins, apples, football and more.

Books That Kids Will Want to Keep Reading

Need a good book to add to your child's shelf? These page turners will keep kids wanting more and more.

Read This, Do That Activities for Kids

Fuel your child's passion for reading and keep them engaged with these activities related to their favorite books.

Why Do Kids Seem to Behave Their Best Everywhere But Home?

You're not imagining it. The kids really are on their best behavior everywhere but at home. Here's why and how to improve their at-home attitudes.

6 Educational Podcasts for Kids

Keep your kids' brain sharp this summer and beyond with these educational podcasts for kids.

COVID’s Impact on Learning

Find out how COVID impacted our kids' education and get tips on how parents can support their kids when they return to school.

Post-Pandemic School Tips for Kindergarten Students

These tips will help parents help their kids transition to kindergarten after the pandemic kept many kids out of preschool.

Why are Kids so Loud?

We explore some reasons that your child may get loud and offer some tips to help them turn down the volume.

10 Ways to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read

Reading is such an important skill — and loving it offers even more benefits.

Plant Power: The Rise of Vegan and Plant-Based Family Diets

As the food trend heats up, more families are exploring and adopting a plant-based diet.

Why Are Some Kids Leaders and Others Followers?

It comes down to personality, maturity and self-esteem.

Books to Get Kids Excited About Math

Math can be challenging. These books can help.
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