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8 Hanukkah Books Your Kids Will Love

Hanukkah begins at sundown on Dec. 10, 2020. Celebrate it each day by reading these Hanukkah books with your kids.

Why Are Some Kids Selfish?

Some kids just don't understand that it's the thought behind gifts that truly counts. Explore why some kids are selfish and what you can do to curb the me, me, me.

8 Exciting Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Hanukkah is almost here. In celebration of the holiday, we offer a list of 8 fun Hanukkah gifts for kids including books, dolls, food and more.

Why Kids Go To Mom First

Ever wonder why kids go to mom when they are hurt or want attention? It starts as a baby and is completely normal.

10 Trick-or-Treating Alternatives to Try This Halloween

Looking for safe trick-or-treating alternatives to celebrate Halloween this year? We've got you covered with 10 fun ideas.

Why Some Kids Experience Night Terrors

Get the 411 on the difference between night terrors and nightmares, find out why some kids experience night terrors and how to prevent your kids from having them.

8 Ways to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Remote Learning Routine

This year's school year is more stressful than ever before. Keep your kids grounded with these 8 ways to bring mindfulness to your remote learning.

Why Kids Have Imaginary Friends

It's a common occurrence but still a curious parent might spend time wondering why kids have imaginary friends. Here, an expert offers insight.

Why Do Some Kids Attract Bullies’ Attention?

Bullies tend to target certain kids for specific reasons. Get a breakdown on why some kids attract bullies and how to teach your child to stand up to a bully.

Simple Summer Switch-Ups: How to Loosen Your Rules for the Sake of Fun

Local parents are loosening up on traditional house rules in the name of fun and memory-making. Here's how they're doing it.

Why Do Babies Get Their Days and Nights Mixed Up?

Feel it ever feel like your babies get their days and nights mixed up? They do. Here's why and some tips on how to fix it.

Why Are Some Kids Such Little Hoarders?

Ever wonder why your child can't seem to let things go? Get professional insight on why some kids are hoarders — and how you can help them.
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