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Pint-Sized Protests: Books for Kids Who Want to Make Change

Want to inspire your kids to rise up and take on change? These dynamic youth books are sure to inspire the next generation of young change-makers and get those seeds planted early.

A Special Needs Camp Where All Kids Are Welcome

Friendship Circle's Inclusion Camp focuses on summer fun and inclusion for kids of all abilities.

4 Reasons I Missed Cable and Reconnected the Cord

And why it might be a smart switch for your family, too.

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Preparing for Your Kid’s First Dentist Visit

So your kid's first dentist appointment is coming up. Here, local moms offer tips for easing anxiety about the trip to the family dentist.

Michigan School Expo at Oakland Mall

Speak to local educators and get a closer look at some education options for your child on Saturday, April 18.

Steve Jobs' Big Fail as Father

At the time of his death, Apple innovator Steve Jobs was collaborating with Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer and former Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson on...

California Bans Minors from Tanning Bed Use

The sunshine state becomes the first to heed skin cancer warnings and ban tanning bed time for kids under age 18.

Detroit Jazz Festival 2011

Kids are encouraged to bop to the beat Sept. 3-5 at this Labor Day event.

How to Minimize Parenting Stress

Five tips to help moms and dads ease their load and feel less burned out from the demands of being parents.