Win a ‘Tug and the Tooth’ Book and Plush Toy

Win a ‘Tug and the Tooth’ Book and Plush Toy

First it feels wiggly. Then it gets really loose. Before you know it, your child has lost her first tooth!

It’s such a big moment for little ones. If your child is nearing this age, you want to make it an exciting and not-so-scary moment for them. That’s where Tug and the Tooth comes in. Through the storybook, follow Tug, a friend of the Tooth Fairy, as he takes Liza on an adventure in Tirol to learn all about the experience of losing a tooth for the first time.

Along with the story, you also get a trusty little plush toy version of Tug. He even wears a little backpack holds your child’s tooth for the Tooth Fairy.

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