‚ÄčCoverKids Readers Choice Contest

Our judges have selected all but one of our 2018 CoverKids. Help them fill the last spot by voting for the "Readers Choice" winner, May 1-18, 2018. 

Every year, Metro Parent holds its annual CoverKids contest to choose the lucky kids who will be featured on the covers of Metro Parent magazine. This year, our judges have selected nine Metro Parent CoverKids winners, and now we're asking for your help to select one final child to be the 2018 "Readers Choice" winner.

May 1-18, 2018, you can cast your vote for the child that you want to fill this spot. Choose wisely, though, they're all adorable and you can only vote once the entire contest.

The "Readers Choice" winner will be announced with the rest of the Metro Parent CoverKids winners in the June edition of Metro Parent. 

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