Where The Cool Kids Eat

Make the kids table the most happening spot for your holidays.

Little ones have to be bribed to sit still, tweens gripe that they absolutely don’t belong there and teens, well, they’d rather go hungry than be seen sitting there. The kids table at many big holiday gatherings with extended family and friends doesn’t exactly have the best rep – at least the ones we’ve experienced.

It’s time to switch the script. Check out our tips below to make your kids table the hottest seat in the house. 

Custom Kid’s Table Decor

It’s fun trying to impress our adult guests with a beautifully decorated holiday table – but what about the kiddos? This year, let them feel fancy too by swapping out the regular white paper plates and paper towel with a festive, clean-up-friendly setting, a few crafts to keep them busy and some cute little touches you can do ahead of time. 

No time, energy or creative juices to come up with your own? That’s ok, copy exactly what we did by clicking here for a list of everything on our kids table – all available through Amazon and shipped to your door! You’ll look like Martha Stewart and we won’t tell your mother-in-law. 

Do Ahead

These cute, kid-sized vases are on our shopping list too. Next time you and your kids take a walk around the block, make a game of finding twigs and leaves to fill them.


Keep their little hands busy by providing a basket full of pipe cleaners. Before the cousins arrive, assemble a pumpkin with your own little ones as a demonstration and you can use them as decor! We followed these instructions.

Pipe cleaners are cheap, low tech and easy to clean up – plus they’re simply irresistible, even to adults.


Spur their appetite with a few pre-portioned snacks in these berry baskets. Have them use the ice cream cone as an edible scoop and snack carrier.

The snacks will keep the kids occupied and out of the kitchen while you handle the real meal. 

Start a New Tradition 

Grab a cheap, plain tablecloth (or a sheet, like my family used) and encourage your kids to doodle to decorate it. Write their names and the year next to their drawings. You’ll want to use markers that won’t wash away when you wash the table cloth after the day is over. Use the same table cloth year and year and watch the doodles evolve over time. 

The Centerpiece

You don’t have to make everything yourself. Order this cute craft tree for the kids to decorate for their own centerpiece. Give each kid a leaf and ask them to write down what they are thankful for this season. Or, just let them go nuts coloring on the leaves!