Halloween Books for Kids

Whether you've got a little child who's afraid of all the Halloween spookiness, a big kid who wants to learn how to ward off monsters or a tween who is looking for a fun fright-night read, we've got the perfect books. Check out these festive reads – and enter to win one!

No need to fear

One Spooky Night: A Halloween Adventure (Accord Publishing) by Kate Stone takes the fright out of All Hallows Eve for small kids. A little monster ventures into the woods in this $11.99 book – without an ounce of fear. When he reaches the spookiest spot, though there's a twist – perfect for tots who fear the ghosts and goblins of the season. It's written for ages 3-plus.

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Monster survival guide

They hide in your couch and closet, inside the oven and under your bed – so how do you avoid those smelly, scary, downright disgusting monsters? With the help of Dr. Thomas Jelly! The Monstrous Book of Monsters (Templar Books), selling for $17.99, is a grossly illustrated monster mash-up with tips on avoiding these creatures, defense tactics, myths, mysteries and more. The doc's tips will come in handy for the 5- to 8-year-old crowd next time they have a monster run-in!

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Wacky witches

The Witches at War (Pavilion Children's Books) series begins when the Most Superior High and Wicked Witch dies – and her title is up for grabs. Esmeila Sniff, a warty old witch – along with her apprentice, Sam – prepares for the competition. But will she have what it takes to become the most evil and feared witch in the land? Find out in this humorous, spooky Halloween read for the older kid. Both books in the series sell for $12.99 and are appropriate for kids ages 9-12.

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