Craft Roundup: Creative Gift Ideas to Make at Home

As you start to make your list for gifts you'll need to give (Father's Day, thank-you to teacher, graduations, birthday parties), consider going the handmade route with the help of your young crafters at home. Not only can the gift be handmade, but so can the wrapping it comes in. This week's roundup has a few ideas to cover several people on your list, right down to the box it comes in.

Garden Markers

Here's a project that requires a bit of DIY elbow grease! Amy from Mod Podge Rocks shares this tutorial taking 3D thrift store spoons and turning them into 2D garden markers.

DIY Toddler Step Stool

You can find plain step stools at a variety of stores. To make it your own for your little one, take a cue from Pink When and personalize with your favorite paint colors.

Necktie Key Ring Tutorial

Looking ahead to Father's Day, have a look at this colorful DIY project from Positively Splendid. There's even a PDF template to get your child started.

Honeycomb Gift Toppers

Finish off a handmade gift by turning small honeycomb decorations into adorable gift toppers. Minted shows you a few design ideas that can make any gift extra "sweet!"

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