Craft Roundup: Projects to Help You Get Organized

It's a new year – and that tends to mean making new resolutions, like getting organized and staying organized. Especially when it comes to mess-prone areas like toy rooms, bedrooms and craft spaces! This week's roundup focuses on making good on those promises – parents and kids alike. Here's to a tidier 2013.

New Year's Eve Resolution Hats

Start your family out on the right track by making these fun, upcycled resolution hats from Feather's Flights. Deck them out with the year, your kid's name – and, of course, a little goal or two (how about reading 13 books in 2013?).

Reward Wheel

If you're cleaning out your own craft stash, save an older embroidery hoop and turn it into a reward wheel for your children, thanks to this idea from Naughty Secretary Club.

Get Organized Roundup

Pink and Green Mama has a very helpful roundup of organizing-themed roundups for you to put to good use in your home. Take a look.

Huge Chalk Sign

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is using this hardware store chalkboard panel as a piece of art in her home, but this simple solution would be great for rules of play in a craft or toy room (include – you guessed it – cleanup protocol!).

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