Best Family Movies and Shows That Just Hit Streaming Services

Looking for something that the whole family can watch together? Check out these six movies and shows that just hit streaming services.

A scene from Disney's Frozen 2
Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

With places closing and families stuck at home due tocoronavirus concerns, you may find yourself hearing the words “I’m bored” quite a bit. Here are a few new shows and movies that recently hit Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming services.

Charlotte’s Web—Hulu

This sweet 1973 classic film about a pig and his friendship with a spider is a must-see for both parents and kids. When Wilbur the pig finds himself living on a farm waiting to be slaughtered, a kindly spider named Charlotte helps him hatch a plan to spare his life. A head’s up: the end of the movie deals with loss and may be difficult for little ones to watch and/or understand (let’s be honest, it’s still tough for parents to watch, too!).

Black Panther—Disney +

Marvel fans, get excited. The 2018 hit superhero flick has made its way to Disney +, joining other faves, likeAvengers: Endgame,Guardians of the GalaxyandThor.In the film, a man named T’Challa must assume the throne after his father, the king of an African nation called Wakanda, dies. T’Challa’s alter ego is a superhero named Black Panther, who possesses super strength, speed, stamina and the ability to heal. T’Challa must use his powers to take on the future of his country while confronting enemies of the past in this action-packed fantasy.

Bedtime Stories—Disney +

This underrated 2008 family comedy tells the tale of Skeeter (played by Adam Sandler), a down-on-his luck hotel maintenance man who’s been tasked with babysitting his niece and nephew while his sister is out of town. Every night, Skeeter tells the kids over-the-top bedtime stories (like gumballs raining from the sky), which magically start coming true. Kids with big imaginations will enjoy the visual effects and silly humor.

Frozen 2— Disney +

Remember when our kids wouldn’t stop singing “Let It Go”? Anna, Elsa and the rest of theFrozengang are back for another adventure to figure out a mysterious voice calling out to Elsa and save their kingdom of Arendelle. On their journey, they discover more about Elsa’s magical powers. Side note: We’re so excited that Disney shared this on their streaming site early!

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Jessy & Nessy—Amazon Prime

Amazon has a history of producing quality content for kids, with hit educational shows likeTumble Leaf,Creative GalaxyandThe Stinky & Dirty Show. The mixed mediaJessy and Nessypromises to be just as fun. Main character Jessy is a curious 6-year-old girl with an unusual best friend: A5-and-a-half-thousand-year-old sea monster named Nessy. Jessy has the ability to see Nessy and other animated characters by wearing a pair of magical glasses called her “Inspectacles.”The best friends investigate some of life’s most curious questions together (like why birds fly south) in the show, which is aimed at preschoolers.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business: Season 3— Netflix

Fans of the hit filmThe Boss Babywill love watching the continuing story of the Boss Baby and his older brother, Tim. In the show, the two must deal with new enemies, from old people to cats while balancing regular life with shenanigans at Baby Corp. If your kids have argued with a sibling, they’ll no doubt relate to the ups and downs of Boss Baby and Tim’s relationship.