Best Family Movies and Shows That Just Hit Streaming Services in December

Looking for something that the whole family can watch together? Check out these nine movies and shows that just hit streaming services.

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As we look for more ways to have fun while we stay home, the streaming universe will keep you entertained. You’ll also find plenty of content to get you into the holiday spirit. Here are some great new movies and shows that just hit streaming services.

Disney Holiday Singalong: Special — Hulu & Disney+, Dec. 1

The Disney Family Singalong made some so many families happy in the spring and now they’re back with a holiday special. Watch performances by Michael Bublé, BTS, Ciara, Leslie Odom Jr., Katy Perry and more. In addition to Disney+, you can also watch the special live on Nov. 30 on ABC.

Looney Tunes Cartoons, Bugs Bunny’s 24 Carrot Holiday Special — HBO Max, Dec. 3

Catch your favorite Looney Tunes characters in this brand-new holiday special on HBO Max. Porky and Daffy travel to the North Pole. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd get into a snowball fight. And you can expect plenty of other entertaining shenanigans to take.

Godmothered — Disney+, Dec. 4

When the profession of fairy godmother faces extinction, trainee Eleanor is determined to show the world that fairy godmothers are still needed. She ventures out to help a little girl’s request. It turns out, that the 10-year-old girl is now a 40-year-old single mom, but that doesn’t stop Eleanor from giving her the happiness she deserves.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series: Part 3 — Netflix, Dec. 4

The Pokémon reboot is back with 12 new episodes! In Part 3, Ash will face his old opponent and friend, Gym Leader Corni and her Lucario in a World Coronation Series Ranking Match. Ash and his new Pokémon will work together to win the match.

Super Monsters: Santa’s Super Monster Helpers — Netflix, Dec. 8

Santa makes an appearance on Super Monsters and he needs some help prepping for Christmas. The Super Monsters help out while using a bit of their monster magic. Fans of the new Netflix Jr. show, Trash Truck, can also watch their special holiday special on Dec. 11.

Clifford The Big Red Dog: Season 3, Part 1— Prime Video, Dec. 11

Clifford The Big Red Dog is ready for more adventures on Birdwell Island. These new set of episodes will have Clifford and his friends travel throughout the island from the beach and high seas to a special town fair.

Madagascar: A Little Wild Season 2 — Hulu, Dec. 11

Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are growing up in the concrete jungle of New York City. See what kind of mischief they get into in this Hulu original series. They’ll babysit a new litter of tiny hedgehogs, Melman gets stuck in a firetruck and more.

Soul Disney+, Dec. 25

When music teacher, Joe, gets into an accident, he discovers a world of souls that appear before and after time on Earth. Joe wants to go back home and, on his journey, he learns that life is filled with possibilities.

Wonder Woman 1984 — HBO Max, Dec. 25

The sequel to Wonder Woman takes place in the ’80s, during the Cold War, as Diana faces off against Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. Wonder Woman 1984 will stream exclusively on Dec. 25 at no extra cost for subscribers.

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