Snowman Crafts for Kids

While most of our snow might have melted during the end-of-year warm-up, it’s still OK to have snowmen on the brain! And let’s face it: Here in Michigan, there will be snow back on the ground in no time! Snowmen are a lot of fun to make, whether they’re created outside in the cold or inside at the craft table. This week’s roundup has a few outstanding ideas to get the snowman lovers in your home excited for a season dedicated to this chilly, cute, well-known icon.

Foam Cup Snowmen

A plain foam cup is perfect for crafting – especially if you’re crafting a snowman. Crafts by Amanda shows you how to transform a coffee break staple into a cute winter craft.


Melted Snowman Craft

Snowmen are still cute even when they’ve melted! Take a cue from the Darice blog and try making your own soupy snowman.


Snowman Craft for Kids

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Your craft stash supply is all that you need for this fun idea. Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails offers up this clever idea over on their blog.


Snowman Paper Plate Masks

Say “cheese” – chilly cheese, that is! Meaningful Mama created this fun DIY taking paper plates and turning them into cute, photo-worthy props.