Winter Fun Activities to Try with Your Family

It's so cold outdoors! Looking for a few ways to warm it up inside? Here's some family fun that includes games, experiments, crafts, recipes and more.

Winter Fun Activities to Try with Your Family

How about a few fun activities, crafts, recipes and science experiments to beat those winter blues? You’ve come to the right place! If you haven’t already, check out Game of Thaw, Metro Parent’s ice-cool southeast Michigan family adventure game to keep cabin fever at bay. Then swing back here to get direct links to some of the awesome activities mentioned in the story!

Cosmic Kids Yoga. This YouTube yoga channel is designed just for younger kids focused on mindfulness and relaxation. A great way to keep active when it’s too darn cold out there.

Beat The Parents. This game by Imagination pits kids ages 6-plus against parents to find out who’s really the boss. Buy it for under $20.

Hedbanz. Strap a card to your head and see if you can guess what it is in this wacky $20 find by Spin Master Games, prime for tweens.

Ice Cube on a String. Can you lift an ice cube with a piece of string – without tying a knot? Try this experiment with some tips from Planet-Science.

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LifeSavers Spark. Shut off all the lights, munch a Wint-O-Green LifeSavers in the dark and see what happens. HowStuffWorks explains what’s going on.

Metro Parent Science Camp. Did you catch the six experiments we did with Michigan Science Center? Give a few of them a try during the winter months.

Magnetic Snowmen. Stick magnets to the backs of white foam circles to make fridge-door snowmen with this easy craft from the Living Well Mom blog.

Non-Melting Snowballs. A cup of liquid starch, a cup of Elmer’s glue and a bit of warm running water is all you need to make the bouncy snowballs, whipped up by blog Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Polar Bear Snack. Use a rice cake, two banana slices, cottage cheese, a pair of raisins and an Oreo to make this cute recipe by Twiggle Magazine.

Edible Play Dough. Play with your food. Whip up some edible play dough ice cream with help from the Smart School House blog.