People, Pets and Vets at Macomb Community College


Learning about animals and having the opportunity to touch and interact with them is fun for the entire family, so be sure to gather everyone to spend time at People, Pets and Vets at Macomb Community College 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Nov. 7, 2015.

Hundreds of kids attend this annual event in hopes of seeing animals they are familiar with and exotic animals, too. This year, meet a variety of creatures from llamas to sugar gliders and reptiles to house pets.

People, Pets and Vets will have more than 30 showcases covering dentistry, information about working dogs, microchips for pets, the anatomy of animals, the basics of surgery for animals, examinations and radiology and emergency care treatment. Families will also learn why it is important to groom pets, the dangers of obesity and why lab animals are important for research.

Domestic animals are a part of the family and need proper care, along with a particular environment to live happy and healthy. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the various ways to care for pets, since you will be able to talk to veterinarians and animal care professionals. There will be education on farm animals ranging from how they are stored, what they eat and more. Kids will get a chance to learn about exotic birds and reptiles, zoo and wild animals, too.

Make sure to leave your pets at home, but you’re welcome to bring your stuffed animal for a regular check up or to treat her serious “wound” at the Teddy Bear Clinic.

Admission for People, Pets and Vets is free for the entire family.

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