6 Tips for Hikers Visiting Zion National Park

Taking your kids on family hiking trips will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why in our June 2015 issue of Metro Parent, we featured one spot in particular that’s beautiful for hiking: Zion National Park.

Planning your family’s hiking trip? Prepare for a day of hiking with these hints to keep your families happy and safe along the trail.

Carry a map. They’re available for free at either of the park’s visitor centers.

Pack plenty of water. During the summer, Zion National Park weather gets hot! Temperatures can climb into the 100s, so bring several water bottles and encourage your kids to drink up.

Slather on sunscreen. Apply it before you head out on the trail and then reapply as the day goes on.

Wear sturdy shoes. Save the flip-flops for another day. Even on the paved trails, it’s best to wear sneakers or hiking shoes.

Stay on the trail. You’re hiking through canyons and rock formations, and some of the trails follow cliff faces and drop offs. Always have your kids keep to the marked trails.

Stop for ice cream. Right outside the park, take your pick of ice cream flavors at the Zion Lodge, the Springdale Candy Company or Blondie’s Diner.

Learn more about Zion National Park and the fun your family can have there in the June 2015 issue of Metro Parent magazine.

Photo courtesy Utah Office of Tourism, Film & Global Branding

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