Good News: A Girls Trip for Moms Can Make You Healthier

Science proves it, so why not start planning your kid-free trip? Here's how a girls trip for moms can help you feel better – and better connect with friends.

Girls trip for moms

You know that mom guilt you feel about taking a solo vacation without the kids? And maybe even without your spouse? It probably prevents you from ever acting on the impulse.

Well, now you have no excuse not to jet off with some girlfriends and get away for a while.

That’s because a variety of research is now available that supports the mental and physical health benefits of adults investing in their friendships and spending time with friends in person, an article in Southern Living reports.

Based on several studies that show friendship extends life expectancy, keeps you healthier and boosts levels of the “feel good” hormone oxytocin, the article concludes that a girls trip for moms is definitely in order.

So why a trip and not just keeping in touch with friends over the phone? Well, the article points out that long-distance friendships can be tough to maintain. Given the overwhelming research on the power of close friendships, you can’t leave this one to chance – you’ve gotta make those friendships last, and a girls trip is a great way to do it.

Not sure where to go on your girls trip for moms? Consider Travel & Leisure’s list of “America’s Best Cities for Getting Away With the Girls.” If leaving the Mitten state just isn’t in the cards, you might also try a trip up north to Mackinac Island in the summer or even a camping getaway.

If you’re currently lacking in the “friends” department (a busy family life can do that!), it’s not too late to reap all the benefits those adult friendships can bring. Try these tips for finding a good “mom friend” match – you’ll probably be planning a girls getaway in no time.

So that’s that, moms – if you really want to show your family you care about your health, you’ll take that gals trip you always talk about and not even feel guilty about it.

Where’s your favorite girls trip destination? Tell us in the comments!

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