Michigan Made Food and Drink Gift Ideas


Black Friday has passed. I hope you made it through the busiest shopping day of the year unscathed – and that you left a bit of money in the budget for some local goodies! As Metro Parent’s food-reviewing dad, I rounded up short list of fantastic Michigan-made food and drink products. These treats would please even the pickiest person on your gift list. And the best part, is that you’re supporting the local economy and local companies. So c’mon and browse through my picks – and be sure to bring your appetite!

Dave’s Sweet Tooth Toffee

Simple ingredients – butter, sugar, hand chopped almonds and real milk chocolate – come together to form a delicious confection. Dave’s Sweet Tooth toffee is perfectly textured and addictively fun to eat. Available online and all over the metro Detroit area, the signature mason jar, weighing in at one and a half pounds, would make a super stocking stuffer.


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Better Made Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

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There are few companies in Detroit with Better Made’s history. Since 1930, Bettermade has been producing some of the best potato chips around. The quintessential Detroit snack food enrobed in luscious milk chocolate is a match made in heaven. Packaged in a special commemorative tin container, there’s no need for gift wrapping!



With their great grandmother’s recipe, the owners started McClure’s back in 2006. Since then, business has boomed. Aside from pickles, the company offers potato chips, Bloody Mary mix, relish and more.


Bon Bon Bon

This Hamtramck-based chocolatier offers dozens of unique chocolate bites – including Hazel-What?, Crème Brulee, Cookie Butter, Boston Cooler and more. Stop by the Hamtramck store to sample The Hot Mess, molten chocolate inside of a chocolate shell.


4-Year-Old Paper Dress Fashion

Chazzano Coffee

Your morning coffee ritual will never be the same. Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo hand roasts every batch of beans that he sells. And I’m not joking when I say Frank’s coffee will knock you off your feet. Starbucks will be a distant memory, McDonalds will seem like a cruel joke after the first sip of Chazzano coffee hits your lips. Available by the pound or larger sizes, the coffee drinker in your life will be eternally grateful. Oh, and don’t forget a shiny new French press to ensure a proper brew every time.


4-Year-Old Paper Dress Fashion

Beau Bien Fine Foods

For kids and adults alike, peanut butter (or whatever nut butter you like) and jelly is the childhood comfort food par excellence. Yet grape, strawberry and raspberry can strike boredom on the palates of many. Noelle Lothamer and Molly O’Meara are creating fascinating, mouth-watering small-batch fruit preserves and jams. Peach chipotle, roasted strawberry rhubarb and pear rosemary compote are just a few of the varieties. Made with mostly local or regional produce, Beau Bien’s preserves make PB&J exciting again. And for parents with adventurous children, these jams are the perfect introduction to handcrafted foods.

What’s your fave Michigan-made food or drink? Tell us in comments!

This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated for 2016.