Fourth of July Recipes for Family Parties

Break out the fireworks – the Fourth of July is coming! Use the stars and stripes as your theme for both the decorations and the picnic fare. Start out with "posh piggies," a creative version of pigs-in-a-blanket where you shape the dough into stars. If your family and friends are looking for classic barbecue food, you can't go wrong with all-American loaded burgers and root beer baked beans. When it comes to dessert, there are plenty of fun choices. Create an American flag using strawberries and blueberries. For the spangled sandwich pops, your kids can dip regular ice cream novelties into patriotic sprinkles. Or use the sprinkles to dip into chocolate-coated strawberries.


Posh Piggies

Check out this fun version of pigs in a blanket. Make stars with cookie cutters out of puff pastry to place on top of sausage links for these posh piggies from the Dunkin Cooking the Semi-Homemade Way blog. You can make a whole pan in just a few minutes to feed your hungry guests.


All-American Loaded Burgers

Pile on the crispy onion strips with this seasoned beef recipe for all-American loaded burgers from Taste of Home. The ground beef is mixed with Italian salad dressing, bread crumbs, chopped onion and eggs before you form them into patties. Once on the grill, the flavors meld together for a burger bursting with flavor. Pass the mustard!


Root Beer Baked Beans

The secret of these yummy sweet and savory beans is in the sauce. For a cool spin on a classic picnic favorite, try these root beer baked beans from Southern Living. Begin by crisping bacon in the skillet, then adding onions to saute in the drippings. The bacon and onions give a flavor kick to the beans – along with the root beer, smoked barbecue sauce, mustard and hot sauce. Mmm.


American Flag Tart

Craft a red, white and blue masterpiece with this recipe for an American flag tart from Martha Stewart. You'll need plenty of raspberries for the red stripes – and blueberries, too. To keep the berries looking their best, glaze them with raspberry and apricot jam. For an impressive dessert to serve your family and friends, this is the recipe.


Spangled Sandwich Pops

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It's easy to turn regular ice cream treats into something special with these spangled sandwich pops from Spoonful. To make the recipe, put a Popsicle stick into a mini ice cream sandwich and then dip the sides into red, white and blue sprinkles. This is a perfect kid job – they'll love making them and eating them!


Jell-O Firecrackers

Instead of Jell-O salad, follow this firecracker recipe from Kraft to make a unique treat. Start with blue Jell-O, then a milk-mixed white layer topped off with red Jell-O and a maraschino cherry. These mini Jell-O firecrackers are as cute as they are tasty.


Patriotic Dipped Strawberries

These patriotic dipped strawberries from Cupcake Diaries blog are simple to make. The red strawberries are dipped into white chocolate and then in blue sprinkles – red, white and blue! One warning: Make plenty of these sweet treats, because they go fast.