Fun Pizza Recipe Ideas Kids Will Love

Forget plain pepperoni. Top your next pie with fun and more enticing fixins'. October is the perfect time to try something new: It's National Pizza Month!

Did you know that most folks eat pizza at least once a month? And per person in the U.S., we eat about 45 slices a year. According to that adds up to 350 slices per second! No wonder October is National Pizza Month. These tasty pie ideas will give you plenty of reasons to eat even more pizza. Here’s a tip: Instead of making the pizza dough yourself, buy it premade from your favorite neighborhood pizzeria.

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

Combine two comfort foods in one with this macaroni and cheese pizza from the Food Network. First, start out with creamy cheese-drenched pasta – and then use it to top pre-cooked pizza crust. Meld the flavors together with a final trip to the oven. Pizza perfection!


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Black Bean Nacho Pizza

Infuse your pizza with south of the border flavor with this Mexican-style pie from Eating Well. Black beans, green onions, tomatoes and roasted red peppers top the dough before getting a helping of Monterey Jack cheese. If your family loves nachos, they’ll love this! (And since it’s packed with veggies, it’s also good for them.)


Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas

Let your kids get creative with this fun recipe for mini deep-dish pizzas from Martha Stewart. Instead of a pizza pan, you use a muffin tin to hold the dough. Here’s how it works: You cut apart premade pizza dough into smaller pieces, roll it out and then have your kids press the dough into each circle. Fill each pint-sized pie with your favorite ingredients; then you’re ready to bake. These are perfect to pack in your kids’ lunches the next day, too.

Greek Pita Pizza

Swap out the dough for pitas with this fast Greek pita pizza recipe from Taste of Home. The Mediterranean-inspired pie is topped with chopped olives, tomatoes, spinach and Greek spices. Oh – and don’t miss crumbling plenty of feta on top before you bake. This easy pizza meal comes together in minutes and will have your family asking for more.


Margherita Pizza

For a classic Italian take on pizza, there’s nothing better than the simple, flavorful mix of fresh mozzarella cheese, basil, tomatoes and olive oil. Legend has it that this recipe was created to honor an Italian queen back in 1889, which is why it includes all of the colors of their flag: green, red and white. You can make your own Margherita pizza by following this simple recipe from Epicurious.


Dessert Pizza

Pizza isn’t just for dinner – try it for dessert, too! The red sauce is replaced with Nutella chocolate spread. And the toppings? Well, let your family tap into their cravings for ideas. Crushed Oreos? Chopped Snickers bars? Check and check. This rocky road pizza recipe from MyKidsEatSquid uses marshmallows, smoked almonds and chocolate chips for a decadent dessert that’s fancy enough to serve for guests – and easy enough to make for a treat after weekday meals. Get even more dessert pizza ideas here for a fun, sweet twist on this classic dish.

This post was originally published in 2012 and is updated regularly.