Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Family Breakfast or Snacks

Smoothies are the new "in" food – well, drink. That's right: People are putting just about everything into the blender to create unique, fun concoctions that are also a boost of nutrition. And parents aren't far behind. If you haven't had a friend share a link for green smoothies yet on your Facebook feed, you will. Better yet, you can pass along one of the recipes in our Crumbs gallery!

Just what exactly is a green smoothie – and how do you get a kid to eat a drink full of good-for-her greens? The trick is to blend in fruit juice, fruit or both along with the baby spinach, kale or whatever extra greens you have in the fridge that you might want to toss in. You can try green smoothies or other blends for breakfast with Metro Parent's yummy list.


Green Smoothie

Sure, spinach gave Popeye superhero strength, but what will it give your kids? Superhero nutrition. This green smoothie recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod has become a go-to recipe for moms looking to get their kids hooked on veggies. Her recipe calls for a blend of spinach, oranges, banana, strawberries and Greek yogurt. You might be surprised at how much your kids like it!


Green Fruit Smoothie

Here's another take on the green smoothie – no veggies in this version. For this green fruit smoothie recipe from the Full Belly Sisters, you mix in kiwi, grapes (yup, green ones!) and milk. Oh, and one more green ingredient – avocado. Don't worry: Your kids won't taste the avocado; it gives the drink a creaminess, though, that they'll like.


Peach Melba Smoothie

No green in this smoothie! Instead,this peach melba smoothie from Smoothie Ninja has plenty of other colorful ingredients. Combine raspberries, lemon, honey and peaches with low-fat yogurt and milk for a special drink your kids will love.


Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

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For breakfast or a hearty snack in a cup, try this peanut butter banana smoothie from Joy the Baker. It'll keep your kids energized for a busy day.


Good Morning Smoothie

Hello, vitamins in a cup! This "good morning" smoothie recipe from Parenting packs your child's glass with good-for-them vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to the bananas, strawberries and pomegranate juice, your kids won't have any trouble downing this sweet, tart, tasty meal.


Beet, Strawberry, Cranberry Smoothie

If you're already a smoothie pro, up your game with this beet, strawberry, cranberry recipe from Vitamix. The key to the drink's deep, vibrant color is the beet blend. You'll need to steam the beet before processing, but it's worth it for the crazy color and, surprisingly, no flavor. Instead, the sweet strawberries and tart cranberry juice give this smoothie quite a kick!