Mediterranean Chicken Recipe


Crock-Pot, as you probably know, is the most famous name brand for a slow cooker – a small electric kitchen appliance that earned its claim to fame by cooking up a one-pot meal unattended. Moms for generations have dumped a handful of ingredients into slow cookers, turned them on, and then came home after a day of work or errands to the smell of a ready-made meal.

And, especially during these chilly winter months here in southeast Michigan, who wouldn’t like to come home to a warm, set-to-serve dinner? found one that we think gets the job done deliciously.

This Mediterranean chicken recipe hails from Jocelyn Whitcomb of New Baltimore in Macomb County, Michigan. We love the simplicity: You can snag most ingredients from cans; other than chopping some olives and artichoke hearts (and mincing your own garlic, if you don’t want the jarred stuff), the prep is pretty minimal.

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To boot, it’s a classic way to employ a slow cooker: Stir everything up, add and coat the chicken, and let it go for seven to eight hours (especially helpful for the working – or simply busy – parent).

So if you haven’t busted out that Crock-Pot in a while, dust it off and get cooking! It’s a perfect way for families to make a warm, home-cooked meal with little fuss.