How to Price and Prepare Your Items for a Mom to Mom Sale

Here are 10 tips to make sure you don't ask too much or too little for your things, plus advice for preparing your items for a mom to mom sale.

Getting ready for a mom-to-mom sale can be quite a task. First you have to choose a sale, pay for a table and decide what you should sell. Then it’s time to prepare your items for sale, and what comes next is often the most daunting task of all: mom to mom sale pricing.

If you ask too much, your items won’t sell and you’ll be hauling all that stuff back home with you. Ask too little and you’ll be wondering if it was worth selling the items at all – after all, you could’ve saved yourself the trouble and just donated them (and taken the tax write-off).

Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways of making sure you get the right price for your used clothing, toys and gear. Follow these 10 tips to help you strike the right balance between overpricing and barely breaking even. Once you’ve become a pricing pro, take a peek at tips for shopping at a mom to mom sale.

1. Check the condition

Make sure your items are in suitable condition to sell. They should have no stains, holes or obvious signs of wear.

2. Presentation counts

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Even if the outgrown baby clothes you plan to sell were clean when you put them in storage, you’ll probably want to give them a fresh wash and iron. A little ironing makes a big difference, says local mom Kim Goff, who organizes two annual mom to mom sales for the Birmingham YMCA.

3. Sell elsewhere if it’s a specialty item

Certain more expensive items like designer kids’ clothing or high-end stroller models aren’t as likely to sell at a local mom-to-mom sale. Most people are looking for a deal, Goff says, so you might not find the right market. Consider selling these items on eBay or at a consignment store.

4. Price points

Goff says she usually prices basic, non-brand-name clothing in good condition at $1 per piece for pants, shirts and one-pieces. If it’s a dress with matching bloomer or tights or a full outfit, the price will be a little higher, she says.

5. Consider the brand

Clothing from Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Gap and other popular (and more expensive) stores can be priced higher. These items are often in high-demand at mom-to-mom sales. “People like to go and get a good deal on clothes that are name brand,” Goff says.

6. Organize your table

Don’t stack things – lay them out flat instead – and don’t cram too many items on the table. “Make it look nice, clean and organized,” Goff says. Sort items by size and gender and if possible, use a clothing rack so that shoppers can easily look through what you have.

7. Don’t limit yourself to kids’ clothes and toys

Maternity clothes, for example, are also highly sought-after at mom to mom sales, Goff says.

8. Sell in season

Parents want to buy clothes for the current or upcoming season, Goff says. Winter jackets, for example, will sell easily in the fall but will be less popular at a spring sale.

9. Big items are in demand

Strollers, baby jumpers and exersaucers, pack ‘n plays swings, bassinets and other large items sell the fastest. “That’s what people want the most,” Goff says. As for pricing, a used stroller will frequently sell around $50, Goff says.

10. Price to sell

Goff says most sellers don’t plan on much wiggle room in their pricing, and likewise many mom to mom shoppers are apprehensive about trying to negotiate a lower price. When it comes to mom to mom sale pricing, price your items fairly and at what you think they’ll sell for.

What tips do you have for sellers at mom to mom sales? How do you decide what to charge? Tell us in the comments section below! And if you’re looking to hit up a mom to mom sale soon, be sure to check out our list of things that you should never buy second-hand. It’ll help you keep your kids safe. 

This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly.