Sweet 16 Gift Ideas

Not sure what to buy a girl for her 16th birthday? Here are some sweet 16 gift ideas for the milestone birthday.

Sifting through her jewelry box, Ashley Gold smiles at the sight of a sterling silver keychain, engraved with her name on it. Her parents gave it to her as a sweet 16 gift and the southeast Michigan mother of two, ages 8 and 10, has treasured it ever since.

A national reality star, who appeared in TRUtv’s Hardcore Pawn and now blogs at pawnchickshopping.com, notes that she’s helped countless parents decide on what to buy their daughters for their 16th birthday.

“I recommend something symbolic,” notes Gold, who also has a weekly podcast at pawnchickradio.com. “Something that symbolizes their new path that they’re embarking on in life. For example, I’ve noticed mantra bands (bracelets with sayings etched on them) are very popular. That’s a piece of jewelry a girl can hold on to – she’s always going to have it as a reminder.”

To make your daughter’s 16th birthday one to remember consider these gift ideas – some she can wear, and others that will help her create memories she can hold onto for a lifetime.

MantraBand Bracelets

MantraBand Bracelets

Where to Buy: www.pawnchickshopping.com
Cost: $25-$45

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Why It’s Special: Send a message to your daughter she can carry with her always. There are several different sayings to choose from like “Believe,” “Celebrate Life,” “Forever Family,” “Live in the Moment” and others.

Python Choker Necklace

Python Choker Necklace

Where to Buy: www.pawnchickshopping.com
Cost: $60

Why It’s Special: This unique flavor of necklace with satisfy even the pickiest of jewelry wearers. It comes in three colors and has a magnetic hematite close so that it’ll go with any girls style.

Magic Winds Necklace

Magic Winds Necklace

Where to Buy: www.tenthousandvillages.com
Cost: $24.99

Why It’s Special: Jewelry gifts from Ten Thousand Villages are handcrafted by artisans in developing countries. In other words, your gift will help your daughter feel like she’s one-of-a-kind but it will also go towards supporting those in need.

A Night at the Theater

A Night at The theater

Where to Buy: www.detroittheater.org
Cost: Varies, depending on the show

Why It’s Special: Does your daughter enjoy the theater? Does she sing along to show tunes? Then order tickets to a Broadway show and attend it together.

HydroPeptide Spa Day

Spa Day

Where to Buy: Online
Cost: Fab Four Mask Collection from HydroPeptide: $99

Why It’s Special: At 16, your teen is probably starting to pay more attention to her appearance and her skin care. Consider holding a spa party at your house and letting your teen invite her friends. You can splurge on a skin beauty set from an online retailer, like HydroPeptide, or visit a nearby beauty chain and let your teen mix and match items.

Get Techie

Where to Buy: www.microsoftstore.com
Cost: Price varies

Why It’s Special: Phones = independence, especially for teen girls. Give your daughter her own phone and plenty of minutes (and texting!) to go with it. Does she already have a phone? Maybe get her a new gaming device like an Xbox so she can play games with friends.


Where to Buy: www.fentybeauty.com
Cost: Price varies

Why It’s Special: If your 16-year-old likes to glam it up, consider buying them a new eyeshadow pallet or contour or highlighter stick. Might we suggest an item from Fenty Beauty? This line of makeup by Rihanna is of high quality and is all-inclusive, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll find her shade.

Books, Books and More Books

Where to Buy: www.owlcrate.com
Cost: Price varies

Why It’s Special: Got a kid that loves to read? Consider a subscription book box. Each month, they’ll get a new read and cute gear that goes along with the book of the month – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Driver’s Starter Kit

Where to Buy: Amazon
Cost: Price varies

Why It’s Special: Getting your driver’s license is a special rite-of-passage, so send her out onto the roads in style and prepared with kits like the one above that include flashlights, car ornaments and more.

Personalize It

Where to Buy:etsy.com
Cost: price varies

Why It’s Special: Whether it’s a bracelet special for their sweet 16 or a necklace name plate, your daughter will love the thought behind a piece of jewelry that she’ll never grow out of. Check out Etsy for a variety of unique customizable items.

This post was originally published in 2016 and is updated regularly.