Asperger’s Syndrome Support for Parents

Have a child with high-functioning autism? Here are resources and Asperger's support groups for parents to help, both online and in southeast Michigan.

If you have a child with Asperger’s syndrome disorder – or think you might – you may have learned that pinpointing the issue isn’t always an easy thing. The process can also be confusing for parents since the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders replaced Asperger’s disorder with the umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in 2013. Finding answers can be even trickier for girls, since the signs and symptoms are harder to identify in females.

But for parents of children with Asperger’s, there is information and help out there to ease the stress and worry. Here’s a list of Asperger’s support groups for parents, websites and special needs organizations to explore and find some answers.

Support in southeast Michigan

Autism Alliance of Michigan

Works to improve the life of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families through different community programs and resources. Families can also be referred to other autism providers though the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Autism Home Support Services

Offers insurance coverage verification, pre-care assessment, a care plan and additional support to children and their families.

Autism Society of America

As part of its mission, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization is focused on providing the latest info on treatment, education, research and advocacy. Check out these local chapters:

  • Macomb, St. Clair Counties. Hosts various support meetings and outings, including runs, camp weekends and other fundraisers.
  • Oakland County. Offers many family events and support groups, along with sports, clubs and more.

Jack’s Place for Autism Foundation

This Southfield organization provides families supportive, educational and referral services. Founded by former Detroit Tiger Jimmie Price and wife Lisa after their son was diagnosed.

LightUp of Ann Arbor

This nonprofit organization is based in Ann Arbor and offers programs for special needs youth. It offers an open, supportive and fun environment for people with special needs to participate in their communities, develop meaningful relationships and improve their health and happiness.

Southeast Michigan Asperger Support Group

A local social gathering and support group for families dealing specifically with Asperger’s, originally founded by Lisa Herring.

Online support and information

Asperger’s Syndrome Foundation

Browse this United Kingdom site, where much of the leading research on Asperger’s and girls is happening.

This advocacy and information site for those affected by ASDs offers details on walk events, outreach, grants, tools and a trove of additional support and information for parents.

Autism Society

Explore the latest news on autism and ASD research, plug into the autism community and much more at the home of the highly recognizable Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon.

Canton Aspergers Network

This education and support group will provide helpful information on Asperger’s syndrome through discussion of personal experiences and sharing of resources.

Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page

A comprehensive list of books showcasing information and tools for parents and those affected by ASD.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

NINDS’ information page is filled with ASD information and organizations, including email and phone contact details.

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