Dad Accidentally Uses Diaper Cover as Daughter’s Hat

One Minnesota dad has the internet rolling after accidentally sending his daughter to school with a knit diaper cover on her head.

Text of daughter in diaper cover hat texted from mom to dad
Photo via Ashley Braun on Facebook

We’ve all been there: You’re rushing to get your kid off to school or day care when you realize that it’s freaking cold or snowing outside.

In your haste, you grab a hat from your family’s stash of winter garments only to discover later in the day that junior went to school with a hat or pair of gloves far too big.

Typically, though, you’ve put the item on the correct body part – but that’s not the case for one Minnesota dad.

David Braun of Lindstrom has a 2-year-old named Elsa who he needed to get to day care one morning. Like Michigan, Minnesota is known for its freezing winters – and, like any northern parent has experienced, needed to find something to keep her daughter’s head warm.

He found what he thought was a pink knit beanie, so he threw it on her head and headed out the door. It wasn’t until that afternoon when his wife, Ashley, picked Elsa up that he learned the beanie was actually a diaper cover.

According to reports, she texted her husband saying, “Honey, this isn’t a hat. It’s a diaper cover from when she was an infant. Notice the leg holes.” To which dad replied “Oh, I thought those were for like pigtails.”

Mom showed the women at her daughter’s day care center, who “laughed endlessly” and then posted the text to Facebook where it went viral, amassing more than 25,000 comments and more that 78,000 shares.

I love you David Braun! ??

Posted by Ashley Braun on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Come to find out, this isn’t dad’s first fashion faux pas. He’s apparently sent her to school in swim and pajama shirts, play shorts that go under her dresses and even mismatching patterns.

Of course, mom isn’t too broken up about it. Elsa didn’t really notice she wore a diaper cover on her head and, if mom was being honest, if it wasn’t “meant for an infant or newborn tush,” she’d “definitely try the pigtails with it.”

And if I’m telling the truth, so would I – because for a diaper cover, it’s pretty dang cute as a hat.

Have you ever accidentally sent your child out of the house wearing the wrong item of clothing? Tell us your story in the comments.

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