I Saw My Friend’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Smoking a Joint

One mom wrote in after seeing her friend's teen daughter smoking weed and is wondering what she should do. Here's what local parents think.

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Each month, we pose a parenting question from local moms and dads to local moms and dads. This month, one mom saw her friend’s daughter smoking weed and is wondering if she should tell her friend. Here’s what other local parents have to say on the issue.

Mom’s question

While walking my pup last weekend, I encountered my friend’s 15-year-old daughter smoking a joint. I’m really torn about what to do: Should I tell her mom? Should I mind my own business?

Metro Detroit parents’ answers

At 15 years old? Give her opportunity to tell her parents herself, otherwise tell them yourself. Too young to be smoking anything. — Meriam U.

Not your business. Move along. — Maggie A.

If it was my friend I’d advise them. I’d not speak to the child about it because I’m not their parent. It’s not snitching either; it’s illegal and they’d be assisting their friend and their daughter. — Carolyn G.

Well, I would want to know so I guess it depends on how close you are with the family. — Michelle W.

If it were my kids, I’d want to know. — Mandi B.

I would be upset if my friend saw my daughter doing such a thing and didn’t tell me. — Katrena P.

MYOB. — Melissa B.

Leave it be. She was smoking a joint, not committing a crime. — Jenn T.

How close friends are you with her mom? If she’s your bestie and the daughter is like your niece, then I would talk to the daughter, and then tell her mom. If the mom is just a casual friend or acquaintance, then leave it alone cuz it is only pot after all. To me, it’d be the least of my worries in today’s world but still worth a discussion. — Nicki W.

I really don’t understand the comments of mind your own business. Even if you don’t know the parents well, you simply say this is what I saw. Whether they believe it or not is on them. But you informed them of something that could have devastating effects. And to those who have said it’s only pot … marijuana can lead to issues with mental health and depression in SOME teens. It is NOT worth the risk if even one teen suffers. By ignoring it and minding your own business, that child could be in serious trouble. — Kelly K.

Everything in life is not cut and dry. It would really depend on how close you are to the family and it would even depend on the family dynamics. Some parents go totally stupid when their children do things they are not supposed to do and yet they did the same thing when they were children. … I would not just automatically tell anyone anything. I would want people to tell me. — Dianna A.

Mind your own business. Telling the parents will change absolutely nothing. The child will be more careful where she will choose to smoke and what will parents do? Punish them, take away their phone, tie them to the bed, talk to them lovingly, talk to them harshly? I would be more concerned with vaping and smoking tobacco. — Norma H.

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