Five Parenting Trends to Watch for in 2020 – And Five to Leave in 2019

From subscription boxes to gender reveals: Find out what parenting trends you can expect to see in 2020 and which ones we hope to never see again.

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Just like clothes, music, and media, parenting has trends. Some are great, and some, well, not so much.

Trends are usually temporary, but in the social media age, they spread like wildfire across the globe. Some parents love these trends, but others find them obnoxious. Whichever you are, here are five parenting trends to look out for in 2020, and five that will hopefully stay in 2019.

2020 parenting trends

In 2020, we can expect to see parents getting a bit more creative with their kids. From new foods to new discipline practices, here are five things you can expect to see out of parents in the New Year, according to

More kid’s subscription boxes

There are subscription boxes for books, meals, pets and clothes. But having one that caters specifically to kids can be a great birthday or Christmas gift that keeps giving the whole year. Especially fast growing kids who need new clothes all the time (or diapers!).

Limited screen time

It’s been proven that too much screen time affects children’s brain development, but little ones still get their own phones and tablets. It’s especially a problem when they feel entitled to adult’s phones. Less screen time can lead to a better mind and body for kids.

Need some tips? Check out this post on how families can cut back family screen time.

Introducing new foods

For years a kid’s menu at a family restaurant could be guaranteed to have chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, hot dogs and grilled cheese. But parents are starting their kids out young when it comes to exploring foods, and some restaurants are listening and expanding kid’s menus to be more mature.

Punishments that aren’t spanking

We’ve all seen someone online claim that they were spanked and turned out fine, but studies show that spanking is harmful to children in the long run. Things like time-outs, or just letting a child feel the consequence of their actions can work just as well if not better without the physical and mental harm.

Eco-friendly baby products

Plastic has dominated the baby industry for a long time, but many parents are opting for something more environmentally friendly. Clothes that are recycled cotton, cloth diapers, or wood toys instead of plastic. A lot of these are made to last, and help keep plastics out of landfills.

Curious how you can be a more eco-friendly parent? Check out this post on going zero-waste as a family.

Trends to leave in 2019

Of course, not all trends are good trends. Some of them should go the way of shoulder pads and butterfly clips. Here are five trends we hope to leave out of the new decade.

Gender reveal parties

How many parties can a baby have before their born? Gender reveal parties have gotten so out of hand that they’ve started forest fires. A cake that says ‘guns or glitter?’ does not reveal anything about who your baby will be as a person, so wait until they decide who they want to be.

“Funny” onesies

A onesie that says “Don’t look at me. That smell is my dad” aren’t cute. Babies aren’t sandwich boards, and it’s a piece of clothing that is going to get covered in stains or outgrown in a month or two. A simple color or pattern can speak volumes and it’s much easier (and cheaper) to replace.

Babies on social media

Parents used to have a photo in a wallet of their babies and children, and it was the same picture for years. Now, kids are posted on their parents social media all the time, and sometimes the photos are not so flattering. If you wouldn’t want a photo shared of you with spaghetti all over your face, neither would your kids.

Curious what other parents think about posting about kids on social media? Check out one mom’s take that’s for it and another that’s against it.


There are plenty of parents that co-sleep, but it’s a dangerous habit, and SIDS is a real risk. There are so many options to have a baby in a crib in the same room, or even bassinets that attach right to mom and dad’s bed so baby is never far out of reach.

Elf on the Shelf

Sometimes, parenting is hard. And who wants to set up an elaborate scene with their elf and make a huge mess when the kids go to bed instead of just falling asleep yourself? Besides, aren’t Santa’s elves supposed to be nice examples for kids? And also, not creepy looking? Not to be a Grinch, but kids can just know Santa is watching without a tiny, mischievous spy.

Are there any parenting trends you want to see in 2020 – or perhaps some you want to leave in 2019? Tell us about them in the comments.

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