14 Bilingual Picture Books for Kids

Whether you need a book for a child that speasks Spanish or you want to teach your child Spanish, these bilingual picture books for kids have you covered.

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Teaching babies how to communicate in one language is hard enough, but introducing a second can seem daunting. Whether you’re a bilingual household or would like your kids to learn Spanish as a second language, here are some great Spanish/English picture books.

Many of these books are also recommended for middle schoolers and high schoolers who are new to learning a language (which might be necessary for graduation credits), but who will find the rhymes easy for memorization.

Indestructibles, by Amy Pixton


Best for ages: 0-2

Indestructibles books are made of a woven material that is rip-proof, waterproof and lightweight. They are designed to be chewed, investigated and well-loved by babies and toddlers. Three books from the series – ¡Hola, granja!/Hello, Farm!, Bebé, vamos a comer!/Baby, Let’s Eat! and Te amo, bebé/Love You, Baby – have been translated into Spanish-English bilingual editions for readers in both languages.

My Colors/Mis Colores, by Rebecca Emberley


Best for ages: 0-3

In addition to the introduction of colors in both English and Spanish, the images in this newly-released book are three-dimensional, looking like construction paper cutouts that kids can touch and feel. The bright colors easily illustrate the learned words.

Spanish Nursery Rhymes, by Cali’s Books


Best for ages: 0-3

Sing along to six well-known Spanish nursery rhymes with English and Spanish text. Press a button on each page to hear the musical melody. The songs and rhyming improve memory and vocabulary in both languages.

My First Bilingual Opposites, by DK Children


Best for ages: 0-3

The real-life picture images are perfect for opposites like big and small, long and short. The inclusion of words that fit into each category, like candles (las velas) are hot (caliente) and ice cubes (los cubos de hielo) are cold (frio), introduce additional vocabulary for little ones and early learners.

Buenas Noches, Luna, by Margaret Wise Brown


Best for ages: 0-3

You know you know all the words to Goodnight, Moon, but you can also translate “In the great, green room” to “En la gran habitación verde,” for kids who want to learn all the soothing bedtime words in two languages.

Little Sunny Sunshine by Susie Jarami


Best for ages: 0-4

If you’re fan of listening to bilingual nursery rhymes on YouTube channel Canticos, then you have to check out their new board book series. One of their books, Little Sunny Sunshine, focuses on the days of the week, while the other books introduce shapes, colors and more. You can also download their free app to play the songs while you read along.

La Vida De Selena/The Life of Selena, by Patty Rodriguez


Best for ages: 0-4

Babies and early readers can learn about the Queen of Tejano Music with the Lil’ Libros Bilingual Biography, a book similar to the Baby Lit Primers (it tells the story of Selena’s life with short sentences and highlights words like love, bus and fashion).

Also in the series are the life stories Frida Kahlo, Ritchie Valens and Our Lady of Guadalupe among other tales that teach colors, shapes and the cultures of the world. The Lil’ Libros series is impressive for readers of all ages and cultures.

The Toddler’s Handbook, by Dayna Martin


Best for ages: 0-4

The Toddler’s Handbook, 100 words that includes the alphabet, colors, sounds and numbers, has been translated into multiple bilingual options, like Spanish, German, Korean, American Sign Language, Portuguese, Russian and more. This is great for parents and kids who want their home to be bilingual.

11 Bilingual Fairy Tales, by Charles Perrault


Best for ages: 3 and up

For parents and educators teaching sentence structure as well as vocabulary, these 11 common fairy tales (Cinderella, Tom Thumb) are written in both English and Spanish. The book also includes an MP3 download so that non-native speakers can have the stories read to them.

A Color of His Own/Su Propio Color, by Leo Lionni


Best for ages: 3-5

Leo Lionni’s tale of a chameleon finding his color has been translated into a bilingual book that includes the words in both English and Spanish. Kids can read and hear about elephants that are grey (los elefantes son grises) and pigs that are pink (los cerdos son rosados) among many others. The images and illustrations are pure Lionni, for fans of his Caldecott Honor–winning, Frederick.

Do You Want to Play? /¿Quieres jugar?, by R. J. Cregg


Best for ages: 3-7

Frozen fans can hang out with Elsa, Anna and Olaf as they decide what games to play. Fun in two languages includes building sandcastles, ice skating, singing and dancing.

Abuela by Arthur Dorro


Grandmothers (abeulas in Spanish) hold a special place in our hearts. Go on adventure with Rosalba and her abuela as Spanish and English words flow beautifully together throughout the book, which also made our list of multicultural children’s books.

What Can You Do with a Paleta? by Carmen Tafolla


Best for ages: 4-8

A paleta is a delicious Mexican popsicle, but what else can you do with the sweet treat? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities in this enjoyable Spanish/English picture book.

My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero


Best for ages: 4-8

This cute tale gives a glimpse of a family that might similar to yours or a little different. What stays the same is the special bond between a father and a daughter. Throughout the book, you’ll find sprinkles of Spanish phrases that include the English translation. 

Do you know of other bilingual picture books for kids? Share them in the comments and don’t forget to check out the Talking About Race page at MetroParent.com for even more resources.

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