Tips For Making Grandparent Visits Special

Whether grandparents live near or far from their grandchildren, making a connection isn’t as simple as just some face-to-face time. There are a lot of fun things the kids can do with their grandpa and grandma during a visit. Here are a few ideas. Plus, get advice on how to help your grandkids connect with grandpa and grandma.

1.) Coupon book

Have your child make up a coupon book of activities he wants to do with his grandparents. Activities could be anything from “read a book together” to “play a song on the piano for grandpa.” Have your child send the coupon book before your visit and then encourage grandparents to find a quiet moment to redeem each coupon.

2.) Date night

Let your child go out on her own special date with a grandparent. She can choose the restaurant and the activity. Work with her to select a restaurant and activity that’s a good fit for everyone – both her and her grandparent.

3.) Show memories

Reserve a night to have grandparents go through their scrapbooks with your kids (where appropriate for their ages). On another night, let your kids do the same and share their pictures – online or otherwise – with grandparents.

4.) Hold a talent show

Let your children set up a talent show where everyone has to participate. Talents can include everything from singing a song or a dance performance to telling jokes or showing off a Pokémon card collection.

5.) Game showdown

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Play games together. Besides board games, come up with your own charades – each person fills out two or three different charade cards all on a theme, say family movies or popular cartoon characters. Then divide into two teams and let the silliness ensue.

This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated for 2015.