The Most Popular Names in Michigan for Boys and Girls

Michigan parents love these two names the most right now. But if you hate how popular they are, consider some unique alternatives.

Two storks announce that Olivia and Noah are the most popular baby names in Michigan
Illustration by Jay Holladay

The latest baby name lists are finally out for 2018, and there are no major surprises: Emma and Liam have earned the top spots for the second year in a row.

But instead of just seeing what’s most popular throughout the U.S. for baby names, now, expectant parents and baby name enthusiasts can actually see what’s trending right where they live. The Social Security Administration, which releases the top baby names each year, gives us that information – plus some other fun tools to explore baby name popularity.

So which baby names are most popular in Michigan? Parents here seem to prefer Noah and Olivia most, according to an article on

The problem, of course, is that knowing about the popularity of a certain baby name can make parents want to avoid it altogether. If it’s too popular, they think, their child could be in a class where several students share the same name (shoutout to the Jessicas, Jennifers and Michaels who know the feeling).

Experts say that concern is less of an issue these days, since parents are choosing a greater diversity of names overall – for example, the percentage of girls given a “top 10” name dropped from around 25 percent in 1945 to 8 percent in 2007, Live Science reports.

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Still, many parents are cautious about choosing a so-called “popular” name. If that’s the case for you, consider these top-ranking names in Michigan and some similar alternatives.

Top 5 boys names in Michigan (plus alternatives)

1. Noah

If you love this name with biblical roots, you might consider Gabriel, Elijah or Jacob.

2. Oliver

According to Nameberry, people who like the name Oliver are also fond of names like Ezra, Henry and Theodore.

3. Liam

The name Liam has Irish roots. Another Irish name is Declan, which means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness,” according to BabyCenter.

4. Benjamin

Fans of this name might consider a slight variation, such as Benny or Benji.

5. William

If you love this distinguished name that means “resolute protector,” you might like other royal names like George, Charles or Edward.

Top 5 girls names in Michigan (plus alternatives)

1. Olivia

One variation of this name is Olive, which has soared in (relative) popularity from No. 990 in 2007 to No. 270 in 2018.

2. Ava

While Ava is at peak popularity in many places, the name Avery is at No. 16 in 2018 – not too far from where it was at No. 18 in 2011.

3. Emma

Parents who love the name Emma might consider the longer Emmeline or the similarly short but equally adorable Ella.

4. Charlotte

How about Scarlett, Chloe or Grace? They’re just a few of the “Charlotte alternatives” offered up by Romper.

5. Amelia

This baby name may be popular, but not nearly as popular as the similar name Amalia, which is derived from the Germanic word “amal” meaning “work.” The name Amalia is currently ranked No. 593 in the U.S.