Top Baby Proofing Products for Your Home


Babies are brave. Their imagination and curiosity override any sense of danger or hesitation that dictate our lives as adults. And it is this fearless, inquisitive behavior that drives parents crazy. It seems there are infinite ways for an infant to hurt himself. Try and reduce your baby’s chances of being hurt with a few of these innovative baby safety products – and be sure to brush up on household hazards every parent should know about in our free guide.

Panda Door Pinch Guard

Protect your baby from pinching her fingers in a closing door with this adorable panda door pinch guard from Mommy’s Helper. It also keeps children from accidentally locking themselves in a room and doors from slamming. Find one on for just 99 cents.


Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

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Although there may only be gums in there, your baby’s mouth still needs to be cleaned. However, care must be taken to avoid choking. This BPA-free toothbrush cleans and massages baby’s gums and emerging teeth and the design ensures baby cannot choke, making for safe brushing. Get this four pack via Amazon for $14.98.


OneStepAhead Foam Play Mats

Hardwood floors can be a bit unforgiving for a falling child. Protect them with a play area foam mat like this one from OneStepAhead. Your kid will be safe and comfortable while playing in the house. Buy your mat at Prices vary by size.


Moby Floating Bath Thermometer

A baby’s bath should not exceed 100 degrees F, but how do you know for sure how hot the tub water is? Instead of the elbow or back-of-the-hand test, put your trust in this Skip Hop Moby Floating Bath Thermometer, which looks like a whale. The color-changing LED light lets parents know when it’s too hot and just right. Bonus: it suctions to the bathtub or wall and can be used as a hook. Buy one at Skip Hop for $15.


Dreambaby Flat Screen TV Savers

A must-have for modern homes, this anti-tipping anchoring system attaches to flat-screen televisions, wall units or other furniture that could seriously hurt a child if tipped over. Get your set of two heavy duty straps at Bed Bath & Beyond for $9.99.


Baby Video Monitor

The moment when your baby is sleeping and you are sleeping is a beautiful thing. But nothing lasts forever – so to know when your baby needs attention, use this digital video baby monitor, called the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. Get yours on Amazon for about $165. You can find even more just like it online, depending on which brand you’d prefer.


Jolly Jumper Universal Safety Strap for Seating

Give your child a comfortable and safe ride on your trips to the grocery store. This plush strap is compact enough to fit in a diaper bag or purse and adjusts to fit shopping cart seats or chairs. Machine washable and highly fashionable. Get one on Amazon for $9.


Whale and Duck Bath Faucet Covers

Now even filling up the bath can be fun! These cute, adjustable faucet covers protect young ones’ heads in the case of a bath time slip. They also have tails that act as hooks when not in use. Choose between Moby the whale or Ducky the duck. Grab yours at for $13.


LectraLock Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover

Electrical outlets are huge safety concerns in homes with little ones. Guard your outlets and make sure your child can’t access them even when lamps and other electronics are plugged in with this handy child-proof cover. Order yours on Amazon for $9.75


This post was originally published in 2012 and has been updated for 2017.