New Year’s Education Resolutions for Families

Simple ways to make keep the entire family learning in 2024.

The New Year brings with it a fresh start and for parents, it can bring an opportunity to not only reflect on how their kids spend a big part of their day, in school, but to adopt habits to set them up to thrive the rest of the school year.

We are lucky to live in a bustling, resource-rich environment. From excellent local libraries to world-class museums, our community resources here in metro Detroit are invaluable when it comes to raising our kids to be the thoughtful, wise community leaders we want them to be. Here are nine education-focused New Year’s resolutions to add to your annual resolution-making that definitely won’t end up as “fails.”

Resolution 1 

Take advantage of local educational resources.

From world-class museums like The Henry Ford Museum to thriving local libraries, metro Detroit is a haven for families who value education. Resolve to visit one of these gems at least once a month. 

Resolution 2

Focus on reading skills.

The local literary scene is booming. Try to attend as many author readings or storytelling sessions as you can at one of our top-notch local bookstores, like Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor or Sidetrack Bookshop in Royal Oak. 

Resolution 3

Use technology wisely.

With so many educational apps and websites tailored for kids these days, where do parents even begin? Detroit Public Library offers free access to many online resources so take advantage of it!

Resolution 4 

Grow a math-friendly home.

Math can be challenging, but incorporating it into the day-to-day can make it way less daunting. Look for math-related board games like Sequence or Qwirkle at a local toy shop. The Michigan Science Center also offers great hands-on math exhibits.

Resolution 5 

Embrace outdoor learning.

Our community is known for its gorgeous parks. Plan regular family outings to places like Belle Isle or Dodge Park. Try activities like bird watching or nature scavenger hunts.

Resolution 6 

Support artistic expression.

Encourage your child’s artistic expression by visiting places like the Detroit Institute of Arts. Consider enrolling in a class or workshop or simply filling up the art supplies at home.

Resolution 7 

Foster community engagement.

Is there anything more important than community? Participate in local events, volunteer opportunities and explore our history. Understanding local history and civic engagement is as important as academic learning.

Resolution 8 

Prioritize health and well-being.

Physical health goes hand-in-hand with mental health. Ensure your child gets regular exercise, healthy meals and enough sleep. Explore community centers, parks and YMCAs near you that offer sports and fitness programs for kids to try.

Resolution 9 

Set achievable goals and celebrate success.

Work with your child to set realistic academic goals at school. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, to build confidence and motivation.

Family Educational Resolution Template


Write the goal together. For example, “Learn about my favorite genre” or “Learn to sketch a portrait.”

Action Steps: 

List practical steps to achieve this goal. For example, attending a monthly book club meeting at the library or taking an art class once a week.

Community Resources: 

Decide which community resources your family can use. The library? The museums? The parks?

Family Involvement: 

Decide how each family member can support your child’s work. Does a parent need to work from the library while their child is attending a book club? 

Monitor Progress: 

Set aside time to talk with your child about their work and needs.

Set Realistic Academic Goals:

Work with your child to set achievable learning objectives. Celebrate their achievements to boost their confidence. 


Leave room for adjustments as needed throughout the year. Your child may create new goals because these kinds of goals are fun!

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Steffy McCourt
Steffy McCourt
Steffy McCourt brings over 15 years of experience in education, parenting, and travel writing for esteemed publications like We Are Teachers and LA Family Travel. Recognized for her commitment to advancing literacy and writing skills, Steffy is honored to be a Fellow of the National Writing Project. She collaborates with educators nationwide to enhance teaching practices and empower student writers.


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