Unplug and Rewire: Raising Screen-Savvy Kids in the Tech Era

Join us for our ParentEd Talk on Wednesday, Dec. 6 with Joe Clement and Matt Miles.

It doesn’t take an expert to know how damaging technology overuse and misuse have been for Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids. Ask any parent, educator, or kid and they’ll tell you that something’s not right.

Rather than becoming better problem solvers, kids look to Google to answer their questions for them. Rather than deepening students’ intellectual curiosity, educational technology is too often cumbersome and distracting, causing needless frustration and greatly extending homework time. Rather than becoming the great equalizer, electronic devices are widening the achievement gap.

Join Metro Parent for our ParentEd Talk on Dec. 6, 2023 at 4 p.m. ET as we talk with veteran teachers Joe Clement and Matt Miles as they provide many real-world examples and cite numerous studies to show how technology overuse is harming our kids.

Learn how to:

  • Spot the signs that your child’s school is using too much tech
  • Prepare your kids for a more well-rounded approach to social interactions IRL
  • Protect your kid from pro-tech corporate technology purveyors infiltrating your childrens’ schools
  • Find simpler, smarter, more effective forms of teaching and learning

We know you’re busy. If you can’t attend the live event, you can still participate! After the event concludes, all registered attendees will be emailed a link to watch the recorded session at their convenience on any device. Attendees joining live will have the opportunity to partake in the interactive Q&A portion of the event.

Register for the FREE event below!

About the speakers

Joe Clement and Matt Miles are award-winning teachers, coaches and mentors with a combined 30 years of experience improving the education of young people. They are co-authors of the award-winning book, “Screenschooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse Is Making Our Kids Dumber” and their writing has been featured in Psychology Today and the Washington Post. They are both parents and live in Northern Virginia.

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