Homeschool Supplies List for Families

Beginning to homeschool your children, but not sure what supplies you need? Here's a homeschool supplies list to help you get started.

Kelly Rummel, a mom of three from Plymouth, decided to homeschool her kids about four years ago. The space she set up in her home for homeschooling sons Julian, 10, Liam, 8, and daughter Blakely, 2, is customized to their needs and their home.

“Whatever space you’re going to use, make it your own,” Rummel advises. “Make it look a part of your home.”

While families find there are many benefits to homeschooling their kids, one of the perks is there’s no laundry list of supplies your child is required to have to go to school. Instead, your homeschool supplies list is whatever you decide works best.

But, there are some materials that might be helpful in your space and during your education journey.

Supplies needed for homeschooling

“I think a common misconception is that you need to have a school room and I want to tell parents that that’s not the case,” says Rummel. “You can school anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a dedicated space per se.”

That said, there are couple of homeschool supplies Rummel included in her homeschool room that other families may find useful, too.

  • Bookshelves. “For us, of course, we have lots of bookshelves. I used to be a teacher myself, so I have tons and tons and tons of books,” Rummel says.
  • Good storage. It never hurts to stay organized. “I would say making things low so they’re accessible for your kids, depending on their ages – or way up high if you have a toddler like me.”
  • Dry-erase board or chalkboard. Great for teaching the day’s lessons. Rummel actually crafted her own dry-erase board out of a large picture frame. She added colorful paper behind the glass and writes on the glass with dry-erase markers.
  • A map or globe. “We use both of those and I think that’s important to have in a school room.”
  • A good printer. “Lots of paper and a good printer – maybe a laminator.”
  • A caddy. Rummel says she loves her scrapbooking storage carousel she uses to “organize different pencils and markers and glue sticks.”
  • The basics. Pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, art materials – anything you might use to work on school work and projects.

Some homeschool parents may want to also choose a curriculum to follow. You can learn more about picking out a curriculum and the different options here.

Looking to keep record of your child’s homeschool education? You can find tips on doing that here.

When educating your child at home, the space and the materials you use daily can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

“I would say keep it simple,” Rummel says, adding, “I would say as long as you have a piece of paper and a pencil and the Internet, you’re good.” Beyond that, it’s really up to the individual.

Where to buy homeschool supplies

Should you want to go out and buy homeschooling supplies, there are some stores and websites that are good for stocking up.

Rummel says one of her go-to spots is Amazon. Parents can get gently used and bargain textbooks, curriculum materials and supplies from this site.

Other options for finding materials include office supply stores, teacher resource stores, and the dollar store – or even a home-organization store like The Container Store. Plus, families can find plenty of free resources, worksheets and ideas around the web and on Pinterest.

Do you have any other suggestions? Have any go-to homeschooling supplies other parents might find handy? Comment below.


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